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NRA Certified Instructor, Scuba Instructor, Veteran, Website Developer Original Content Dir of Sales & Marketing: MOA

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Some of the non-Glocks 😂

MP5K & WWII P40 Warhawk themed AR kinda day.

Variety is the spice of life.

Grinding Hard with @grindhardammo in the Home Defender 300BO Running 194gr Maximum Expansion Subsonic through the Silencerco can. @master.of.arms parts just make the whole thing sexy as hell! Thinking about putting together another upper with an even shorter barrel and maybe tuck the can into the barrel a bit.

Always prepared.

@hogueknives HK OTF auto knife called the Mini Excursion added to the collection.

Help me choose a color for my new project car. 1) Candy Apple 2) Tangerine 3) Sunset Pearl 4) Purple

Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸

@3kingstactical muzzle brakes in 1/2x28mm threads work on quite a few of my pews. Now they are stocking FDE, ODG and gold ones. I’m thinking of maybe custom cerakoting one for this Glock 17 in PBM burnt tungsten like the slide. Thoughts?

@tarantactical 3 gun set.

WRX + Hellcat + SCAR 17 kinda mood today. Straight 🔥

@master.of.arms Enyo rifle weighs in at 3.65lbs with the red dot 😳 You can now use coupon code ‘poweredbymario’ for 10% off sitewide.

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