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Comic artist, Painter, NYT Bestselling Illustrator

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My gal’s FINALLY getting her own movie! Heard the Nat/ Yelena- @florencepugh -fight footage was awesome. Can’t wait!

You all think you’re so fancy with your SDCC parties and celebrity pics. If you really wanted to live the high life you’d be eating Jello pudding while coloring Star Wars comics and watching Broadcast News at 3 am like me. :)

Here’s a bunch of newly released Star Wars covers! Issue 69 from @gregpakpix and I comes out Wed 7/24!

A few weeks ago, Beth and I stayed at the new TWA hotel at JFK to celebrate @jojoschmoe ‘s birthday. Felt very much at home :)

Happy Birthday to Ol’ Han himself, Harrison Ford!

Star Wars Age of Resistance - Hux cover w: @tomtaylormade a: Leonard Kirk

Star Wars Age of Resistance - Poe Dameron cover

House of X variant cover




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