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Environmental documentary photographer.

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Such an honour to speak at the Art Gallery of Ontario last night with Col. Chris Hadfield and Vivienne Gucwa. I love the theme of the current exhibition: Mystical Landscapes, conceived by Katharine Lochnan. We discussed a landscape's power to spark something deep within us, and the challenge of carving out time in our lives for quiet reflection in nature. The exhibition is up until late January--I highly recommend seeing it! @agotoronto @colchrishadfield

Île Beechey

Three days after the discovery of the second missing Franklin ship, the HMS Terror, our own Arctic expedition landed on an island where the Franklin crew spent an entire winter. Our expedition went like this: after eating a three-course meal, we were shuttled via zodiac to the island where armed guards protected us from polar bears as we walked a short trail flagged specially for us. Some stood alone to reflect—to stretch their imagination, to stand in the boots of the Franklin crew who were utterly alone, doomed. Then we returned to our ship, turned-down beds, and pillow chocolate.

"You'll have to wait a minute cause it's an Instamatic." -GD The Tragically Hip was the musical backdrop of my formative years. When my travel plans had me driving across Canada, I decided to shoot The Great Canadian Hip Trip. 5,000km, 50 hrs of The Hip, and 250 sheets of instant film. I fell in love with Canada all over again. Essay in The Walrus, link in bio. @thetragicallyhip

Hell Gate

Olieg Turenkov, Electrical Engineer on the Russian icebreaker, Kapitan Khlebnikov. On deck after a sauna.

Just returned from an inspiring three weeks in the Arctic onboard the Kapitan Khlebnikov. This Soviet-era icebreaker was home to an eclectic group of storytellers assembled by @colchrishadfield. Look forward to sharing the story in @cangeo and be sure to check out the rest of the Generator Arctic team: @timtothewild @brahmino @tomscottgo @normchan @dannymichelmusic @mrbenbrown @travelinglens

Today I leave for Greenland and the Canadian Arctic on a Russian icebreaker with this man--legendary astronaut @colchrishadfield. Off the grid for three weeks, but look forward to sharing once I return. Photo: @wahlchristopher

They build 'em big in Belfast. Northern Ireland lights up with massive bonfires on The Twelfth.

Road or river? Wood Buffalo National Park

Flying clear across the country for Canada Day 🍁

One of the last wild ones.

A tree's "double burn scar" reveals fire history and is cause for celebration among boreal wildfire scientists.

Back in Wood Buffalo National Park

to 2 yrs ago when this mangy dog came limping down the road eating roadkill. He sat across the road from me for hours. I loaded him into my car and took him home. Love this guy.

Mayfly mayhem in the

Lunar landscape left behind by wildfire in the

Bus stop on Prospect Drive in

Fort McMurray hit with an apartment building fire.

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