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⍆ boston terrier ⍆ hiker, camper, wilderness adventurer ⍆ currently trailblazing:📍southern california ⍆

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This poor baby has been going through some stomach upset last night and today. 😢Seriously starting to think there’s a bug going around our area in California. Anybody else in a similar boat?

forget splurging on a pricey down sleeping bag for your next trip guys ― the guys at @rei say I’m the best space heater on the market 😉

Watching mom bulldoze through the house tidying using the @mariekondo method and wondering when your toys and 16251729321 orange squeaker tennis balls will be next

⇞ His face when it’s time to pack up the tent ☹️ ⇞

It’s our boy’s birthday today! 🥳 Where has my baby gone, you guys. 😭 He still acts like a pup though 😊 . . . It’s only fitting that on your birthday, Otis, does it start a rain streak here in California. They knew that you would be wanting extra green and lush trails when we take you outdoors next ❤️ Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives bubba. You’re the reason we get to meet so many great friends on this platform, too. I don’t think you’ll ever know just how much we love you! Actually, the bits of raw filet mignon for a birthday treat tonight might just prove it to you 😬

⇞ As much as I love seeing Otis’s fire rocket legs zoom around the trails, I also love seeing him tucked in and cuddled up with me like this at home almost just as much 😍 . . Is your pup a cuddler or a “leave me alone” type? Otis is 100% a velcro dog. His favorite spot to snooze is riiiiight next to me on his back with all four legs up in the air... and I’ll typically get a swift kick to the face when he stretches (Dog Mom life) 😂 He even jumps right into my sleeping bag when we camp and burrows all the way down right next to my legs. I don’t mind one bit 😬 ⇞

⇞ Hiking one of our regular trails Sturtevant Falls today. Taking advantage of the rain we had yesterday to hopefully see some green trails and stronger waterfalls. Come find us if you’re local 😊 ⇞

For those who have been following us for a while, you might remember seeing a handsome dachshund pop up on our feed every now and then. This is my brother and sister-in-law’s dog Emmitt, Otis’s sweetheart senior cousin. Over the past couple of weeks, Emmitt’s health has been rapidly declining. After numerous vet visits, tests, and tears, his parents have decided to no longer put his little body through any more invasive exams, and are choosing to make his last days with us as comfortable and as painless as possible, surrounded by nothing but love and compassion. - Emmitt was the first dog that Otis met when we brought him home as a puppy, and we love him so so much. He has an old soul and we always swear that he was a human in his past life. A kind and compassionate one that probably journeyed around the world to help others. We will be sure to send him off to the rainbow bridge with as much love as possible when that day inevitably comes. - We love you, bud. ❤️

I vow to make 2019 your best year yet so I can see this smile a million more times. Here’s to more mountains, new trail heads, and seeing your paws hit the river water right next to my hiking boots. Happy new year to my best friend in the entire world and to all of you. . Thank you for following along with us and we hope that 2019 is your best one yet ⛰

Q+A: Camping with your dog ⧋ Have questions about taking your dog to the woods or how we like to go about it? What about our favorite camping and hiking gear for Otis or what I feed him on the trail? Ask in the comments below and we’ll share our best camping and backpacking tips and tricks! - Otis loves to go camping and backpacking with us. He’s been my trail partner and has shared my sleeping bag since he was a pup. I’ve done a lot of trial and error over the years in terms of what I need to pack for him and what I can leave at home, because every ounce of weight comes into play especially when we’re backpacking. ⧋

he looks like he’s on his way to go ink S M U G L I F E on his paws 🐾

His face is my face this morning when I pulled my jeans on and they didn’t make it past my thighs

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