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A 501c3 nonprofit saving the lives of orphan kittens. Every kitten deserves a chance to be a ! 🐱JOIN THE CLUB!🐱
PO Box 633 Spring Valley, California

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Next month OKC will be co-sponsoring an extra special spay day with our friends @ecanimalrescue hosted by @feral_cat_coalition 🙀 Our goal is to spay & neuter 50 cats from colonies around San Diego. Our Full Circle volunteers will be trapping cats at several of the colonies we are currently working to sterilize. We are so grateful to have this opportunity to combine forces with two amazing local organizations.


Congratulations to our Orphan Kitten Club Graduates! You can follow their adventures @gem_and_juniper & @misoandmochii ❤️

🌈Looking for a creative way to help fundraise for OKC? @popsockets has a new program called Poptivisim that allows people to design a PopGrip to help raise money for their favorite charity. OKC is now officially an approved nonprofit. Just go to & click on the Poptivism link to start creating your own popsocket. Once your design is approved, people from all over the world can order one and 50% of the proceeds will go to Orphan Kitten Club! This is such a cool way to get involved. Big thanks to one of our amazing donors for pointing out this opportunity to us! ❤️

Happy adoption day to our newest nursery graduate, Firecrown! Swipe to see her amazing transformation from rescue to adoption. ♥️ @harveyandminnie

Meet Blaze! ✨ At just 4 weeks old, Blaze was trapped at a local business and rescued by our partner organization @loveyourferalfelines. Poor little guy was found with a severe ocular infection in his left eye. His eye was infected so badly that the only option was to have it enucleated. Through our Mightycat Program, we helped to cover the cost of his emergency surgery—and now Blaze is enjoying life as a one-eyed-wonder kitten. We are so proud of this mighty, little guy. We believe that every kitten deserves a chance to be a mighty cat. Find out how Orphan Kitten Club is giving a chance to kittens in need of emergency medical services at 🐱

There’s a whole lot of cuteness going on in our Nursery! Say “hello” to Juice, Cider, & Apple 🍎 Learn more about our kittens at

Swipe left to see the best part of TNR— the release! Learn more about our program at

Meet the OKC team: Michelle Kucerak, Board Vice President Michelle is a powerful advocate for all animals, and is a founding board member of the Orphan Kitten Club. She is the Senior Vice President of Programs and Development for the national animal advocacy organization The Humane League, and a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Learn more about our team at 🐱

The Orphan Kitten Club socialization room is where our babies 5 weeks and older can learn to climb, pounce, play, explore, and develop all the skills of being a tiny cat. These six are enjoying lounging on their custom kitten jungle gym, taking in the views! Learn more about our kitten nursery at 🐱

Our Trap Team has a big week ahead of them! How many of you are involved with T-N-R in your community? Learn more about our program at

In an effort to help orphaned kittens nation wide, we developed our Grant Program. We provide targeted grants to partner organizations with a similar mission of saving kittens’ lives. This incubator was lovingly provided by OKC to our partner @brotherwolfanimalrescue in Asheville, North Carolina as part of their Mightycat Grant. Seeing this tiny singleton safe and cozy inside this incubator truly warms our hearts ❤️ Learn more about our innovative Grant program at

Gooseberry kisses are the best kind of kisses 😽 Big thanks to our OKC volunteer @sammyguadeloupe for helping us today! We have received quite a few emails about volunteer opportunities with our organization. At the moment OKC is fully staffed with helpers, but we will be sure to post here if we are looking for more people to join the team. Do you volunteer at your local animal shelter or rescue?

Here’s a perfect example of our Full Circle TNR Program in action. The first photo is of Sage, one of the kittens we raised in our kitten nursery. Photo 2 shows his dad who was trapped, neutered, and returned to his colony where Sage was found. The third photo is of our amazing OKC Trap Team who trapped 10 cats at this location! Learn more about our program at

We have a new Club Member in our kitten nursery. Meet Gooseberry! Gooseberry is an adorable tuxedo kitten with an exaggerated overbite and a charming personality.  Her lower canines collide with the roof of her mouth making it difficult for her to eat and can potentially cause damage to the soft palate over time. We are in the process of consulting with a dental specialist who can help us decide what dental work she needs done now and what to expect when her teeth grow in. Her future adopter will need to agree to take her in for a dental appointment later this year, which OKC will pay for. Gooseberry is very social and would like to be adopted into a home with another cat who can become her best friend. If you live within 6 hours of San Diego and are ready to open your home to this goofy girl please apply to at

Have you heard about Orphan Kitten Club’s innovative programs? We are working to create a safer world for kittens locally in San Diego and nationwide. Visit to learn more 🐱

🙀Did you know you can help support Orphan Kitten Club on eBay? You can sell items on their platform and donate a portion of your profits to help us save the most vulnerable felines. It’s a fun way to get rid of things you don’t need and support OKC at the same time. Learn more about this opportunity at

Take a peak at these cuties! They’re keeping cozy in their new incubator lovingly provided by OKC as part of our Grant. This lifesaving intensive care unit helps the tiniest kitten thrive when they are at the most vulnerable age. We are so happy to provide our partner organization @thelittlelionfoundation support with their new kitten nursery in Long Beach, CA. Learn more about our innovative Grant program at

Take a look at our new OKC door hangers🙀These were created for our Full Circle volunteers to use as a way to start a conversation about the community cats living within a neighborhood. Recognize that handsome orange tabby? It’s Flapjack! You can read about his colony and others at

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