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🇨🇴 Comic-book artist near San Diego, Ca. Read my comic Pound on Webtoon. For all my projects click the link below! 👊

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Never thought I’d say this but WE’VE LAUNCHED A PODCAST!!! Go behind the scenes with me and our season 2 writer @antrykar as we discuss everything related to Pound and it’s process- from scripts to final art. ➡️ this will be supplemental to the comic and we hope to continue with it throughout the second season. Tune in!

Idk if I’m doing this right but since I work in a few different styles

Fave thing I’ve inked today ✒️ Season 2 of Pound is coming along nicely! I can’t wait for people to read it. It feels like it’s been for ev er 😭

If you have not checked out Once and Future from @boom_studios I suggest you do so pronto. @dan_mora_c ‘s art is pure 🔥🔥🔥 Quick inked sketch of one of the characters from the story ✍️

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of attending @comicprobootcamp . I can’t stress how much of an amazing experience this was. I learned so much that I am still in the process of unpacking it all in my head. I’m really excited to start leveling up with my art by putting all this knowledge down on the 11x17 boards. BIG thanks to the amazing instructors! @ryanbnjmn @whilceportacio @sinccolor !! 🎨✏️✒️ Swipe to see some process shots of one of the pages I inked during the sessions. Pencil blue lines by @ryanbnjmn

Sketching a character for a thing in between pages 🤙

Wish I could show more of the panels I’ve been drawing for season two but for now here’s one that I really liked how it came out. Swipe for the process ➡️

New post on my Patreon page! Click the link in the bio to read and join the team. This is a head shot of Enri, the main character of my Bakano ✍️

Just launched my Patreon page! Been wanting to get back into the comic I created and wanted to invite people along for the ride. With your support you’ll get behind the scene access to the WHOLE process. Consider joining in support!➡️ or follow the link in my bio and click on ‘Patreon’ 👍 Any help spreading the word would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the support! 🙏

Working on Season 2 of Pound and can’t show much due to spoilers so here’s a minor character I had a lot fun drawing ✍️ Anyone have a favorite from season one? (Im guessing probably not buzzboy)😐

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