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We are a couple looking to promote the art that is growing in all the communities we meet on our travels. Contact us to make something unforgettable!

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These are a few pictures we took while working with our good friends @thedivineexperience and @elevatedevents2018 for this amazing couple. Working with these two and their family was such a great highlight for us.


There will always be things in between you and your focus. They could be hinderances, or they could just be more layers to your story.

Time, like light, moves by its own rules and both are treasures to all.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Some days are big and some other small but you’ll never know what lays ahead unless you show up.

Never find yourself incapable of new perspectives. Sometimes, it can be a fine line between being steadfast and being ignorant with ideas. At the end of it all, play with them all and pick up the right toys when they’re needed.

Salt Lake City, Utah

One essential ingredient to : appreciate the little things.

Millennial Falls Wedding & Reception Center

This production took a while to shoot out but I think a lot of it was due to having close ties with the wedding party. They are considered our family and we wanted to make sure this was done well. We couldn’t be happier for the bride and the groom and we are so happy for them both. Enjoy!

Salt Lake City, Utah

This was a little proposal we got invited to shoot. This beautiful couple are close as family and we are so happy to be a part of such a special day. Their wedding is the production we said we have been working on a lot lately, so stay tuned :)

Sometimes you do just get stuck. Sometimes priorities get in the way. I woke up early this morning mobbing in the home-stretch of the current production were working on and... well had to leave it at the home-stretch. Plus today’s cleaning day, then previous engagements... then hopefully back to this...

This is a frame from the next production we’re shooting out here soon. It’s been needing to go out and while finishing up, this shot just caught our eye and we wanted to share it with all of you. Happy Friday!

With Fall just around the corner, the festive sprits are starting to kick in. This shot was taken during our ‘Trick or Purge’ video last Halloween and we’re so excited for what we’ve got planned this year.

Salt Lake City, Utah

I was told by my doctor to get out at least ten minutes a day recently, so shoots like this are something we’re hoping for while the weather’s nice.

This wedding had the hat-trick! This event hired our @onecastlepro family with @elevatedevents2018 and @thedivineexperience . I can honestly say it’s amazing having a family that keeps growing with artists who are making a change and ready to make special days even more special. This was an amazing experience. Stay tuned :)

Salt Lake City, Utah

A major plus about Friday nights is that if you choose the hustle afterhours - drinks are acceptable. 💯 #

Salt Lake City, Utah

It was an awesome experience working with @soullounge.exp for this production. This was our first time making a production that took a co-effort to see it all the way through to this final edit. We’re so happy to share this one with all of you!

Been pretty backed up lately on some of our productions. The cycle of organizing time and life changing the rules has been a real poop but it’s exciting having these kind of challenges now. Spent the morning in a new atmosphere working on one of three productions that should be getting out sooner than later.

Sandy, Utah

We’re in a place where I can say life is moving- we’re kind of ‘backed up’ on work and close friends like @folkstarphoto @demies_aesthetix @grimm_inc13 @soullounge.exp and @omni_light are feeling the leaps in the fruits of labor; productions backed up, stagnant projects finally moving, budgets - a new variable, and any measure of relativity is null. During these times it’s been a lesson learned that subtracting EVERYTHING is the only way to let the truth resurface and emulate from every expression. A canvas is a stage that begs a question between the natural, and the perception, but both are needed for any ‘spark’ to occur. “My canvas tends to be devoid of light. You sort of do need to start without light to find it.” - @esdevlin

Salt Lake City, Utah

Me and @meretseger_xo decided to get some air up in the mountains today and bring the camera just in case. It honestly was so nice getting out together and get some great shots at the same time. This is our first post of stills instead of our regular video productions. We love you all for watching us grow up in this adventure. ❤️

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