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Middle child of 5 from Rhode Island. I play dress up, play pretend, & cook pretty food. Co-owner of @back40ri 🖤NIKKI@NIKKIBOHANNON.COM•••••••••••••••

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Day 14🎥🤪🙂

Oh @gordongram I see you didn’t include the part you were burning your dough in the teaser!!! JK I was so nervous pretending I can keep up with the 😭😂 but swipe up in my stories to watch the full thing! @gordongram ・・・ It’s beauty and chef as @oliviaculpo joins me on for the battle of the ! Watch the full battle with the link in my bio now !

Gooood morning babies 💛💛💛

Every year this day puts knots in my stomach. 2997 civilians anticipating a completely normal day. 343 firefighters getting ready for a normal shift. 60 police officers on a normal morning patrol. 8 EMTs on a normal shift. All leaving behind their friends and family for the day expecting nothing but the ordinary. On this day we remember and celebrate all of the heroes and innocent lives that were taken...And the family and friends who experienced their worst nightmare. Life is so fragile. And the courage and selflessness of those first responders should always inspire us and remind us of what it truly means to put others first, give back, and choose courage over fear. Never forget ❤️

Los Angeles, California

So sad I’m missing fashion month I could fill this bucket hat with tears but I love and miss you guys! Can’t wait for you to see this movie. It’s kicked my ass 😅😅❤️

Some of my fav looks in @dior ❤️ what’s your favorite 1-6?

Just taking Coco Chanel’s advice to take off one item before leaving the house 👖🤪

side note—> I don’t believe there’s such thing as “pretty” or “not pretty” since that is completely subjective but you get the gist of the message! Being kind and being a light to other people is always the cool thing to do and school is the perfect place to do this! 😎 At the end of the day we ALL just want to feel accepted, happy, and loved. ——————————————— Posted @withrepost@rachelzoe Be kind always..we all need a 🙏🏻❤️

I think it’d just be easier to tell you what’s not in my purse 😬

One of my favorite parts about being a woman is the community we’ve been able to build based on uplifting + supporting each other, and sharing in the joy and hope of each other’s successes. Now more than ever women understand the importance of sticking together. It really does feel like a sisterhood where we can grow and find inspiration from our achievements and learn from our mistakes. So often women treat each other as their competition, when in reality we are each other’s only hope for true “success” as the confidence and support we give one another continues to change the world. I know for a fact I wouldn’t be where I am today without the women in my life who I learn from and lean on every single day. Or just the women I admire from afar for what they have done and where they are going. I wanted to make this post about them and encourage you to do the same! Post some of the women in your life who make you a better version of yourself w hashtag ❤️ Let’s continue to strengthen the amazing camaraderie of womanhood that we have worked so hard to build. Shout out to all the boss bishes and their tribe of other supportive, uplifting, genuine, and empowering boss bishes!! Life can be HARD but together we are so much STRONGER and so much more powerful 💪 plus it’s more fun 😜

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