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(future airsofter) Just shooting, traveling and drinking. 🚫NO GUN SALES🚫

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This was very important for me to hear in my 20s. Hope it helps someone else.

Still a fan of the Zeus holster from @alphaconcealment and the extended base pad from @hyvetechnologies 🤤

I really need a suppressor for this threaded barrel from @aimsurplus @brownellsinc Glock 17 slide @nafsolutions stippling @tacticaltrigger USPSA legal trigger

Still the gun I shoot best @nafsolutions stippling @dynamicweaponsolutions slide @tacticaltrigger trigger

Off to celebrate life with my family. Stay focused, stay driven, but know what you aren’t willing to sacrifice

You like long bois or short bois?

Bought a burger for once

For me, it’d be explaining (in a way that finally has them truly understand) that all their fantasies of guns being taken away would require other people to use guns, and how much of a flaw that shows in their logic

It’s 2019, feelings > facts

Rare moment when Oakley wants to be near her brother

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