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NYC| 💡 ♾ Ocho System™️ by Joe Holder w/ @Nike Consultant @whoop Creative Director of Wellness @smartwater @systemofservice @gq Email⬇️

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lookin for a break since I finally found some jeans 👖😅💫 •|• outtake for @frame not to long ago by 📸 @fauxly

“Nobody will fall 'cause everyone will be each others crutches” •|• World Cup Champ and more importantly a world class friend ⚽️💫🇺🇸 @kelleyohara

🏋️‍♂️💫 @niketraining told some of my story in honor of my new channel in their training app where you can do my workouts Honestly I want to show people the benefits of fitness for getting to know yourself and your brain too + easy ways to make that happen. I’m not that much different than you— I try my best to balance multiple responsibilities while sometimes feeling overwhelmed, don’t enjoy every workout, and contrary to popular belief don’t live in the gym. But I do live in the same place you do —- the body, mind, and 🌍 —- so unless you take care of those the best you can (which physical activity is a part of) and push the culture around you to make it easier for all of us to take care of ourselves, what’s the point Anyhow, appreciate y’all support as always and the @niketraining family, full IG TV clip is over there 🙏🏾 💡 ♾

New York, New York

Literal “track practice at 2, fashion show @kevinmjr coerced you into going at 6, jokes on you I’m still going to bed by 11” starter pack 📸 @danielbrunograndl

New Jersey

🏃🏾💫 simple man, simple plan 4x800m @10k pace w/90 sec rest 8x400m @ slightly faster than 5k pace w/75 sec rest 2x800m @slightly faster than 10k pace w/90 sec rest 1 mile @ half marathon pace I’ve also lost a little over 3 lbs in 3 weeks and 2.5% fat during this marathon training but haven’t actually been eating less overall but more. I’ll explain why this is important later (and why relative vs absolute caloric intake is 🔑), but the under lying metabolic processes of the need to be enhanced as you introduce the stress of increased performance work. Food is vital for this and much research has shown that many athletes are actually undernourished. More exercise and less food, especially for women, is not always the proper answer Creating a more efficient iOS of the human system is the answer, which includes nutrient dense food and more integrative wellness strategies

New York, New York

last night w/ @gq in my finest sweats smiling at all the things I have done, have to do, and need to do simultaneously while still enjoying the moment cause my friends doing well 🤷🏾‍♂️🥴 📸 @bfa

Performix House

🏋🏾‍♀️ a couple hybrid moves placed into a circuit to add to your workouts Nothing crazy, just a few tweaks and nuances that can add some variety without getting overwhelmed Full explanation in video, save to add to your routine and I’ll definitely have a few more coming 🙏🏾🙏🏾 💪🏾 💫 🎥 @bhgross

Brooklyn, New York

💭🤸🏾‍♂️🧐Working on dreams while BK day dreaming... 🎞 on film but while creating space for idle time is vital for flourishing and nourishing creativity, constant fantasizing can trick the brain into thinking the work is actually done research shows, possibly decreasing chances of success. Life weird innit, the most paradoxical Keep dreaming but also keep working but most importantly take care of yourself and check in on your loved ones because you’re worth much more than just your work output 🙏🏾 ♾ 💡 📸 @stevesweatpants


✈️ ✈️s to see the waves crash in Cayman, run the gardens in Paris, give lectures in Bali, and probably stay out a little too late air travel is never easy, no matter how much you’ve done it, and it’s also a recent phenomenon in human existence so I linked with @klm and gave my in air tips and tricks on how to take care of your self when it comes to air travel. Swipe up to read via link in stories 👀🙏🏾⤴️ Perm Link ▶️

The Track

🧘‍♂️ alotta projects, few more unanswered texts (answer soon promise ☺️) , but still out here finding solace on the track 1.5 mile @ recovery pace 1000m @ marathon pace w/90 sec rest 1000m @ half marathon pace w/90 sec rest 800m @ 10k pace w/90 sec rest 16x200m @ 5k pace -10 w/60 sec rest between 800 m @ recovery pace A learning from my last marathon training was that track workouts didn’t have enough intensity, but when you’re training for a marathon teetering that edge of intensity can be problematic. Digging into training plans from the 80s and 90s w/ @steve__finley to extrapolate nuances , seeing if we can apply “volume accented” speed workouts by incrementally placing sub-maximal mileage around higher octane speed work. Let’s see how it all plays out 🏃🏾💫🔥 📸 @schramcrackers

I Saw That Last Week

heard I missed so here’s two dog posts in one day please don’t mute me 🥺❤️

🐶 🌪❤️ 👦🏾 A little bit ago we went home, sat at the table, and talked with my Dad. For those lucky enough to have a decent relationship with our parents, we were able to explain to him a tough time we were going through. He quietly listened, didn’t say much which is rare for him ha, and then briefly left the room. He came back holding a picture of me at 5 or so years old sitting on the back step of the house, smiling exuberantly as we held our dog at the time (RIP CHAMP 😢). He simply instructed me, “no matter what, don’t forget that kid is still inside you somewhere, hold on to it” •|• So maybe that’s why we get excited see and do things like this when we see dogs. They ignite that little reminder of childlike joy that even when things are :/, both personally and in the 🌍, we have enough resolve and support around us to figure things out If you’re out there, never think you’re all alone even when you feel alone ❤️(social isolation is linked to many negative health issues) and find those things (dogs or otherwise) that ground you in the moment of now even as you try to figure out “what’s next?” 💫.

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