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Chad Johnson

Ambassador/Creator for @adidas @adidasfballus @easports (who do i have to sleep with at Sallie Mae to get my loans expunged)

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@john_hunt2743 with @get_repost ・・・ He Got The Tears Falling And Everything😂😢 - - - Voiceover By: @john_hunt2743 - - - Tag 6 Friends 😂💯 - - -

Caesars Palace

Last smoke before this red eye back to Miami 💨

Caesars Palace Race And Sports Book

When @_jross3 scored i was hyped 😃

@chadjohnsonjrr with @get_repost ・・・ Half Mexican. 🕺🏾🧟‍♀️🖤

1 OAK Las Vegas

Damn, @bonandvivspikedseltzer – 85 calories would have been iconic but 90 is pretty great. 😂 Still super refreshing and tastes 🔥🔥

Chicago, Illinois

“visual representation of what happens after challenging me in Madden” @spiceadams

Soldier Field- Chicago Bears Football

“i miss the game but I’m content with Fifa & Call of Duty” @flysupplyco

Chicago, Illinois

A 🐐and a Capra aegagrus hircus ®️

Chicago Barbell Compound

Salute to @brvndonflexx for allowing the kid to train with him today as he prepares for @mrolympiallc ®️

Chicago Barbell Compound

Pepe vs @brvndonflexx (I’m still losing but I’m working) 😬

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