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The phone still rings off the hook in gossip columnist Cindy Adams's office. Since her first New York Post cover story in 1979, she has had some 500 front-page exclusives, many of which are now plastered on the walls and ceiling of her office. At the link in bio, @designhunting takes a look inside her Park Avenue penthouse. 📸: Kent Johnson

Happy birthday to thee one, thee only, @theebillyporter 🥳 📸: @campbelladdy for @thecut

"I usually drink rosé over ice. I felt weird doing it because people would shame me, and then I went to the south of France and they served me rosé with ice. I’m like, 'I’m living my best life like a f*cking French person, and everyone is shaming me.' Now I’m just like, 'F*ck that.'" At the link in bio, comedian @michellebuteau walks us through her @grubstreet diet which includes jerk mac and cheese from "the jerk corner", and some of her favorite Bed-Stuy spots. 📸: @markabramsonphoto

On September 23, the United Nations will open its Climate Action Summit here in New York, three days after today’s Global Climate Strike, led by Greta Thunberg, sweeps through thousands of cities across the globe. Tap the link in bio to see how people around the world are striking.

Greta Thunberg appreciation post 🌎🌍🌏

Your weekend plans are here: IdeasCity Bronx takes over Concrete Plant Park tomorrow from 2pm until sundown with a full day of free and public workshops, performances, pop-ups and discussions centered around art and culture. Don’t miss conversations with @ghettogastro’s Jon Gray, artists Renell Medrano (@renellaice) and @awolerizku, and representatives from the office of @ocasio2018. Go to @ideascity for more. 📷: @renellaice (1st image) / @awolerizku (2nd image)

The Global Climate Strike began last night, and we’re updating the link in our bio with images from around the world, in real-time as protests unfold. Swipe through for some of the powerful photos so far 🌎🌍🌏

BrAd Astra...that's it...that's the tweet 💫⭐️💫⭐️ 📸: Getty

Have you read the news lately? It’s a mess out there. But @grubstreet has always found comfort food to be an at least temporary panacea to the ills of the world. And while comfort food means different things to different people, there are a few qualifiers we can all agree on: It’s usually warm. It’s usually not healthy. It’s usually a dish you never, ever get tired of eating. At the link in bio, they’ve compiled a list of the under-the-radar, comfort-oriented dishes in NYC that fit the bill.

Is Friends still the most popular show on TV? The show is arguably as popular as it ever was — and it is popular with a cohort of young people who are only now discovering it. Which is weird. It’s one thing to be young, single, and carefree in the city and drawn to a show that purports to be a reflection of your life, or, at least, some fantasy of how you’d like your life to be. It’s quite another to be drawn to a show that’s a reflection, or a fantasy, of what life used to be like for a bunch of carefree 20-somethings 20 years ago. Because if the allure of the show is, on a basic level, all about wish-fulfillment, well, what exactly is the wish that’s currently being fulfilled? Link in bio. 📸: Warner Bros/courtesy Everett Collection

Yandy, the company that makes “sexy” Halloween costumes based on literally any topic, has done it again in the “work everyone up” category. This year, the sexy costume of choice is a “Nicest Neighbor Costume,” which the internet quickly figured out is a Mr. Rogers costume with about 85 percent less fabric. Link in bio.

Jonathan Groff became an idol to the nation’s theater teens by starring as the sexy, rebellious, tousle-haired Melchior in Spring Awakening. “I was so compartmentalized,” he says, “singing about sex but then not talking about it.” Now, Groff has become a poster boy for gore and mutilation. But bouncing from Mindhunter to Little Shop of Horrors, he's finally having fun. Tap the link in bio for the interview with @jacksonmchenry. 📸: @luquense RG @vulture

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