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Join the revolution in gaming realism. Introducing the GeForce RTX 20 Series.

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Clean. Very clean. Thanks to /u/Warmasterchief for sharing his sleek RTX 2080 Ti powered build on the NVIDIA Subreddit!

In honor of , we're introducing Pong like you've never seen it before.... (Just kidding. 😉) What classic game WOULD you want remastered with RTX? Let us know for a chance at a $50 steam card!

/u/HypeX_Axz shared a picture of his new RTX 2080 build on the NVIDIA subreddit. He didn't skimp on the fans. Or the RGB. 👍

☁️ Today’s mood: Mysterious with a chance of . Beautiful screenshots of @ControlRemedy by @leopardsang.

Big thanks to @msius for providing a variety of great GeForce RTX powered experiences at @ucberkeleyofficial’s Caltopia event last week!

We're proud to have powered the @ucberkeleyofficial Caltopia Esports, Gaming, & VR Expo last weekend! Students had a chance to play on RTX 2080 Ti powered systems, learn about NVIDIA Studio, and meet staff from our university recruiting and GeForce Student teams.

Tomorrow. Control. Read full review→

Just one more day until launch 🙌

Telekinesis, levitation, mind control... 🤯

The final game of our Gamescom Sweepstakes is Control, launching tomorrow with RTX! Share and comment on any of our Control content today for a chance to win this exclusive prize pack + an RTX 2080 SUPER GPU.

In Bloodlines 2, all suitable surfaces accurately reflect surrounding detail in real-time. The look of each reflection is determined by the properties of the material on the affected object or surface.

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