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Numpkin, a @kittenxlady rescue, lives with Muzzy and some humans in NJ. To support the cause please visit:

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It’s always fun to watch Numpkin and Clementine play. We don’t call them play dates for nothing!

Numpkin loves da bird so I thought we’d see if he liked playing with it outside. He didn’t — I think because there were too many real birds and sights/sounds to distract him. He did go check it out when I put it down but then went chasing I’ll try again! Does your cat like playing with their toys outdoors?

Muzzy has a safe spot on the front porch. If he hears the sound of a dog’s leash, he scoots on up to watch from the safety of his hiding spot. Meanwhile, Numpkin usually goes out to say hello.

So even though the work around our house is mostly done (for now), the cats got lucky with an extra supervisory gig when the tree trimmers came around for our neighbors tree. 🌳Usually, Numpkin likes to do it on his own but he gave Muzzy a turn this time around.

Numpkin was headed down the stairs when he heard/saw a bird flying overhead so he stopped mid stair and then stayed there...for quite awhile.

We have to be careful this time of year because the squirrels seem to fastpitch acorns down from the trees. Maybe they are just falling down but I can usually spot a smiling squirrel up in the tree after an acorn bomb. So, the cats are also a target as you can see here. You can also see the typical catty behavior of going from I’m looking forward to seeing what the cats think of all the fall 🍁!!

We’ve had a lot of maintenance work around the house and it has kept Numpkin so entertained! We are wrapping it up, which is a 👍🏻 for the humans but I sure a 👎🏻for Numpkin!

We make a smoothie every morning (for the humans) and it is one more thing Numpkin likes to supervise. I think he approved this mornings recipe.

Numpkin approves of the new deck railing. Perfect vantage point for the birdwatching.

Muzzy is not easily impressed but he gave Karma a 10 out of 10 for this one.

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