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Welcome to the world as seen through my eyeholes. Plus, a link to acquire my newest book, The Magic Misfits: the Minor Third..! Enjoy!

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Sacramento, California

I happily signed books for everyone who attended my sold out Sacramento event. Over 1400 books in 90 minutes, yo! 🎥 @theory11

My new book is out TODAY!! So proud of The Magic Misfits: the Minor Third - the penultimate volume in my four course middle grade reader series. Each book represents one suit of a deck of cards - this one is HEARTS, and I do hope you ❤️ it. Available at your local bookshop, or there’s a link in my bio to order online. Oh, OH! And I’m doing a book tour this week, heading to DC, Dallas, Sacramento and Portland. If you’re nearby, come say hello. I’ll sign the many books you’re buying for friends..! @littlebrown @buildseriesnyc

Central Harlem

First day of third grade?!? How did it...... when did they..... what in the......

Javits Center

I love me some @willam (as do so many). The fam was excited to pay her a visit at @rupaulsdragcon today, to support her new line of cosmetics called @shopcoverboy which, as a onetime Hedwig, I wholeheartedly endorse.

Teachers are the real class act! That’s why I’m teaming up with @ChewyBarsOfficial this season to help them get the school supplies they need with @adoptaclassroom. Link in bio to see how you can make a difference, simply by choosing Quaker Chewy.

Perugia, Italy

Five years ago today, in the countryside of central Italy, I married this miraculous man. David Michael Burtka continues to inspire my soul, inform my spirit, and ignite my heart. Best decision ever. Happy Anniversary, @dbelicious. I love living life with you.

Music Box Theatre

Wow, the current cast of @dearevanhansen is sublime! Led by the miraculous @andrewbfeldman_, who is actually 17 years old and giving a performance full of wisdom and emotion and nuance well beyond his years, this is musical theatre firing on all cylinders. Bravo to everyone involved. I haven’t cried so much at a Broadway show in years...


If you ever wind up in Croatia, in Hvar, and are looking to eat: please ONLY go to @restaurantgarifulhvar. It is delicious, and more so, other restaurants around it pale in comparison. Plus, you can take a pic at the top of the stairs and act like you’re ethereal.

McEwan Hall

I am flipping out for BACKBONE, a remarkable show that is somehow both super human and filled with humanity. This remarkable trove of impressive genetics never leaves the stage, turning it into a virtual/actual playground, creating gorgeous imagery while testing each other’s limits, often challenging gravity itself (their company is named Gravity and Other Myths..!). It’s fluid, hypnotic, inspiring, thrilling, and never the same show twice. So, ‘heads up’: tomorrow is their last performance at @edfringe before heading out on a global tour. Go see them, or follow them (@gomcircus) to stay informed and admire their prowess. They are literally putting their necks on the line every show. I loved it, wish i could go back. And, bonus!, they are super genuine and nice people. It was an all around pleasure. (I tried to write the above to coincide with the order of photos. Enjoy the puns)

Underbelly Bristo Square

Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Show: Frankenstein presented by @manual_cinema. Brilliant, thrilling, heartfelt production with jaw dropping ingenuity. Easily one of the most inventive things I’ve ever watched. An absolute must see.

My first board game - AMAZED - is back in stock @Target stores now! Solve puzzles, riddles, and secret codes to PROVE your wits - on a brilliant maze-like game board that opens 16 different ways. It's called AMAZED. Tag a friend to play with - and go get it now @Target! @theory11

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