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↑ LOLZ. I wear yoga pants for a living.

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I thought about picking up the cone behind me but it was windy and I wasnt wearing underwear so.. @zimmermann

Still waiting for my cash tho @dailymail 💰

You know what’s better than a color coordinated closet?? A 3 floor color coordinated @uniqlousa store. My brain was very zen thanks for having me! 💛🧡

@dkny threw a deep house banger and let me wear fancy sweatpants. Pretty much the most optimal party for a gal like me 👍

*goes to a fashion lunch, hangs out with a dog on the street* Thank you @etro for having me! I felt semi royal in this dope jacket

If i was rich enough I’d have @adammaclay @tobimakeup come to my house every morning but I’m not there yet 💁‍♀️💄💃

This makeup is worth skipping the gym for but I’m on my 3rd iced coffee and my brain is bouncing off the walls so she’s gotta go 🏃‍♀️

Next time my therapist asks me why I have social anxiety I’m just gonna show her this

The Plaza Hotel

I put this look together myself and i honestly don’t hate it so yay to that. Thank you @harpersbazaarus for having me! 💫

@shopbop pop up 🧡 ps. its not sweater weather yet, my boobs were dripping 💦

US Open Tennis Championships

skips fashion week to watch tennis 🤷‍♀️.. Who’s excited for tomorrow’s matches?! Vamosssss!

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