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अच्छा लगा तो Share कर दिया, इसमें किसी के लिए भी कोई छुपा सन्देश नहीं है, कृपया ओवर एनालिसिस ना करें 🙄

It's just like Chess. The Queen saves the King. Happy Birthday 😉!!

The ONLY person who has the POWER to communicate with .. India needs him.

@kakbina • • • • • • Salman surprises by funding solar power for their building .SK has been a great support since the inception of this school for children with special needs . n team hosted the children on the sets while their shooting in Jaipur ..Umang is grateful n overwhelmed by this generous gesture by Bhai Jaan 💐💐@beingsalmankhan @nikhildwivedi25 @jordy_patel @prashantroyalty @aslisona @asuripatel @umangschool @ashley_rebello

Get ready to witness 's MAGIC now in Tamil, Kannada and Telugu as well @beingsalmankhan @arbaazkhanofficial @aslisona @saieemmanjrekar @prabhudheva @kichchasudeepa @skfilmsofficial @saffron_bm Distributed by Tamil Nadu - @kjr_studios Nizam - Global Cinemas LLP Andhra - @sureshproductions @beingsalmankhan • • • • • • Chulbul Pandey coming to you on 20th Dec in hindi, kannada, tamil and telugu! @arbaazkhanofficial @aslisona @saieemmanjrekar @prabhudheva @kichchasudeepa @nikhildwivedi25 @skfilmsofficial @saffron_bm @kjr_studios @sureshproductions

.. Since 1989! 😉 3 Soon

A new narrative has formed in our country over the last few years.. That non repayment of debt due to loss in Business is tantamount to theft. Let's first be clear that no large enterprise can ever be run without debt. Debt itself is partaking a risk in business to earn interest which is then Profit for the lender. Banks & Financial Institutions run a business of their own when they act as lenders. They earn out of it. They cannot be partners only when there is profit. They take calculated risks & when there is a genuine loss in business they need to bear it as part of their own risk taking.. Promoters are being forced to pay up from their own personal resources or face prison.. This is unheard of in any developed or industrially advanced nation.. Unscrupulous opposition parties r equally to blame. They accuse the Govt of the day as seen as favoring a loss making entrepreneur. Govt is then forced to take action against loss making enterprises which is simply against the grain of encouraging commerce & industry. They need to be supported. Not forced to shut down. The entrepreneurs' endeavour to create wealth for the nation for years at end and to have provided livelihood directly & indirectly to millions is forgotten immediately in less than a day.. It takes a lot of guts and sweat to form an enterprise. To run it. To nurture it. To make it grow.. All of this in an uncomplimentary, restricted environment & and an ever changing market.. Don't kill entrepreneurs. Don't finish their being. A business may eventually fail but while it lasted, the entrepreneur created a life for many.. Let's acknowledge that!

This is my challenge to ! 😎 बिना फ़िल्टर, कड़क लाइटिंग

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