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Our amazing friend Ann Barnett did a photo shoot today (we’re hoping it’ll get some of our older residents adopted!). Here’s a sneak peek - we cannot wait to share the rest with you!!! 😍😍 we are cracking up at this picture - she looks like she’s ready to pick a bar fight 🤣 This is Penelope - mama to Dominic and Lily. She is an absolutely INCREDIBLE mama cat, and loves to mother any cats or kittens she comes across - she kinda prefers cats to humans (can’t lie, we totally sympathize) - though she has plenty of affection to share with her human too! She is fiercely independent ( ) and loves to chatter and talk. Penelope’s ideal home would be someone who’s cool with a cat who does her own thing, especially if she can do it up high in a cat tree while watching what everyone else does 🤣 Let us know if you want to meet Mama Penelope!

TICKET SALES OPEN UP AT NOON TODAY (SATURDAY) THIS IS NOT A DRILL THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!! VIP TICKET SALES GO ON AT NOON TODAY!!!! We have had so much excitement over KITTY CONFERENCE that we figured out a way to open up more VIP tickets - which includes a Meet and Greet with Kitten Lady herself!!!! We are trying to decide when to open those tickets for sale - if you want to buy one, what is the best day and time for us to ensure you get your ticket?!? There are only a few so you’ll have to log in quick whenever we open them up! (We also have a few more premier seats left as well!!) Just ONE WEEK left!!!


Mercedes has been adopted, she has been with our rescue since she was 4 days old 🥰 Thank you Alex Christian for choosing to adopt a rescue kitten and a huge thanks to Mary Randolph and Kelli Tipton for helping us get all these babies adopted at Petsmart!

Boones Creek, Tennessee

Meet little Leo 🐾 Leo was born yesterday with his legs completely turned inwards forming a heart shape ❤️ Generally, this happens from overcrowding in the mother’s womb. Without treatment, Leo would struggle to ever walk normal. His legs will have to be kept taped into position and changed frequently as he grows. There’s no reason to not think that, with great care, Leo will be able to walk perfectly normal at some point in his young kitten days.

Johnson City, Tennessee

🐾 Fosters needed for bottle babies 🐾 Another day and another litter of babies taken to a shelter in a box. They are probably around a week old, eyes are still shut. If you can help us, please message us ASAP! Thank you!

Johnson City, Tennessee

🐾🐾Neonatal Kitten Rescue and the Washington County, TN Animal Shelter would like to give a special thank you to the best used clothing spot in the Tri-Cities for being a Platinum Sponsor of our upcoming Kitty Conference! If you still haven’t purchased tickets, hurry over to the website and get some! Bring a friend, this will be such a fun day 🐾🐾 @clotheslinejctn @wcanimalshelter


Johnson City, Tennessee

It’s been a very busy few days! Meet two week old boys Alvin, Simon and Theodore. We currently need bottle feeders for 8 total kittens 😳 Two weeks of your time can change their lives, please complete and application on our website if you can help them.

The Marvel litter of 5 are always right on time for their feedings 😹

The new Marvel litter has a lot to say about...a lot 😹

We still have tickets available! Are you joining us?

Grandsons came and played with babies today, Ryker is in love with Sammy (little fluffy Siamese) and insists his name is Fluffy. I’m so happy that they have such love for animals as well ❤️

Fern Update Day 10: This amazing little sweetheart continues to improve. The only swelling remaining is on the left side of her face. She came in at 1.8lbs and is now 2.4 lbs (she never had a problem eating lol). She plays, but isn’t a super energetic kitten, she enjoys many long naps on our bed and that’s perfectly fine with us! She’s extremely cuddly and reminds me of a rag doll kitten. Her eyesight is totally fine. She returns to the vet Monday to see if we need to do anything differently, or if with the swelling down they are able to discover something they couldn’t previously. She has a long road ahead of her still, but I have total faith in her ability to fight whatever it is. We will continue to do absolutely whatever is needed for her. I’ve included her photo from the day we got her for those that may have not followed her story.

Two less cats that will be reproducing! These are two from the Blountville colony of 10 that we raised funds for surgery a week or so ago. Thank you to all that donated, Animal Shelter of Sullivan County for partnering with us and to Leah Wampler and Kristy Wood for bringing it to our attention and trapping this morning!

Johnson City, Tennessee

Thank you so much to the following donors along with the 3 anonymous donors that cared enough to help us spay/neuter the colony of 10 in Blountville. Thank you to The Animal Shelter of Sullivan County for partnering with us on this. As I was browsing FB this morning, I saw a couple of posts for people wanting kittens. The sheer number of responses were so disheartening. There are so many being born every day and we truly have to work hard on getting ahead of this. It will take years, but we can do it with the support of the community. Thank you so much 🙏

Johnson City, Tennessee

Lexus and her almost twin sister Mercedes have been in our rescue since they were only a few days old. They were both spayed Monday, are fully vaccinated, microchipped and ready for adoption! Apply to adopt on our website. Please share!

Johnson City, Tennessee

😻Sammy and his ball 😻

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