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Spiritual Advisor. Artist. Tarot reader. Athlete. Socially conscious 𝖜𝖎𝖙𝖈𝖍. Selenophile. Intersectional Feminist. Plant lady. Services + tip jar 👇🏽

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Los Angeles, California

Queen Bey said it best: “Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper”💰💅🏽💁🏽‍♀️🔪. Stay in your magic. Eyes on your own paper. Keep it steady. Keep it movin.’ Don’t let anyone pull you from your sacred motherfuckin’ path. 📷: @violetartistry


This is the least stupid my cleans have ever looked. I’m working out my kinks, focusing less on forcing bar contact and more on just jumping. I literally say to myself, “just jump, bitch!” 🤣 I’m being patient. I’m being kind to myself. Even just posting a video of cleans is a huge step for me because I’m usually low key embarrassed of how janky they are. This is also the most fun training has been in a long time—it’s this weird and wonderful combo of NOT THAT SERIOUS and pretty fuckin serious all at the same time. I’m smiling and laughing a lot during training. I’m not crying as much. I’m not worried about “disappointing my coach” because my coach is no longer a person who could be disappointed in me. My back feels good. I’m gaining weight again. My heart hurts a little less with each beat. I’m eating 300 grams of carbs a day and still hungry for more. And I’m supported by some of the best damn people in this earthly realm. Things didn’t go the way I’d planned and that’s just kinda what the universe does. Universe doin universe things, you know? But we keep showing up, being sturdy, being salty, being soft, being sweet. We just keep pushing, one rep at a time. We just keep smiling, one day at a time.

I’ve created a lot of things over the years, but this one is probably the most special. Sturdy Girl is a motto/mindset/movement that is so close to my heart, and the support for this collection has been UNREAL. We sold out today y’all 😭—to the point where I literally gave the shirt off my back to one of my gym buddies 🤣. I’m totally blown away and fully hype on where this brand is going. There’s so much in the works, not just for Sturdy Girl but for @saltandsorcery as a whole. Thank you for joining me on this wild ride—for your salt, your sorcery, your support through every plot twist, every portal. I appreciate you. I’ll be restocking the store with shirts this week, so if you didn’t get yours, don’t trip. I’ve got you.


Santa Monica, California

🔥ENDLESS SUMMER🔥 + + + 🏋🏽‍♀️ Lifted weights 👙 Went to the beach 🍔 Ate in n out burger 👭 Living the best life with the best people on the best coast for as long as I can until the universe decides to send me across the veil (just missing @farb.0 😭) + + +


I’m not the best at weightlifting. I have some really obnoxious technique flaws that I’ve been working to fix—flaws that keep me from being able to lift what I’m actually capable of. I’m not the best at gymnastics, either. Walking on my hands is a constant struggle, bar muscle ups hate my guts. But god damnit put something heavy on my shoulders and tell me to get it overhead and I’ll do it. With pleasure. Let these delts of doom do what they were born to do. We all have weaknesses. We all have strengths. I’m interested in working on my weaknesses AND celebrating my strengths. Yes, and. Am I the best athlete on the field? NOPE. But am I out here having fun? Doing my best? Not taking this shit too seriously? You bet your ass I am. And am I also out here cheering on all the other womxn lifting next to me? OF COURSE. Because what’s the point of all of this, if not to have a good time? To lift each other up? To smash the patriarchy by showing them what the fuck we can do? SEEN HERE: a very sturdy hobbit, performing “DT” — 6 rounds/105 lbs: 12 deadlifts, 9 hang power cleans, 6 shoulder to overhead, and then go fuck yourself.

Happy Friday to everyone except people who use “love and light” to smooth over MESSY ASS ISSUES like racism, gun control, police brutality, mental health, immigration, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, and gender inequality. I have zero interest in love and light if it doesn’t also come with a willingness to have the sticky icky conversations. As a collective, we have no use for your love and light if it doesn’t leave room for justified rage. “Love and light” and “we are all one people” are examples of spiritual bypassing, wherein spirituality is used to bypass things that would otherwise be uncomfortable to face, process, and discuss. Spiritual bypassing is often used to negate the pain of oppressed and marginalized folks. Shit, I get it! This stuff is sticky, and it’s tough to discuss. It’s a lot easier to say we just “need more love” than it is to explore the shadows. But instead of using spirituality to skirt these topics, why not use our magic to help dismantle the very system that marginalizes and oppresses? Let’s use that love. Let’s use that light. And let’s use our rage, too. Let’s use our capacity to FIGHT. Besides, I’ve always been a salt + shadows kinda witch anyway 🧂🔮⚰️💀💁🏽‍♀️. + + + 📷: @violetartistry (BOOK HER!)

“I’m so proud of you,” I said to myself in the mirror this morning. I stared back at myself, face streaked with tears, hair a hot mess despite that damn satin bonnet I sleep with, body wrapped in my favorite robe. Last nights dreams left me feeling a little more tender around my hearts edges, a little more broken open than when I’d closed my eyes and laid my head to rest. Underneath it all I was naked—physically, emotionally, energetically—able to see myself fully in a rare, sincere moment. “I’m so proud of you because you have every reason to stop showing up, and you keep doing so anyway.” The Universe has written a lot of plot twists into my life, as it has yours, as it has ours. And here we are: Resilient. Resplendent. Ready for whatever comes next. I am so proud of me, and I am so proud of you. You have survived every struggle, climbed every hill, slayed every dragon. And you just. Keep. Showing. Up. I hope you’re proud of you, too. Tell me what makes you proud. Tell me something that you need to hear, from you, to you. 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 + + + #🧂 #🔮

The sun always comes out again. Maybe not when you’d like it to. Maybe on it’s own time, because no one owns the sun. The moon. The stars. The cosmos has it’s own agenda. But this much is certain: the sun will shine again, and it will shine on you—be ready for this. Be willing to accept it’s warmth, to receive it’s majesty. Don’t get so accustomed to the shadows that you can’t recognize the sun. + + + [Pictured: sunflowers from my sisters garden, pyrite for warmth/abundance/sacred masculine energy, and Hematoid Quartz from @everyday__magic that I’m still getting to know—but so far it feels like self worth, creativity, and radiance.]


“It’s as heavy as it needs to be to make you strong.” -Syrio Forel, to Arya (Game of Thrones) What makes you feel STRONG? 💪🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 + + + 📷: @connerwanders

I wish I could tell you that it’s easy to get back up. That you’ll rise without question. That you’ll fight without falter. I wish I could tell you that showing up, even when you’re shattered, feels like a balm, smooth as neosporin, clean as a long, hot shower. But the truth is, getting back up hurts. Sometimes it feels like jagged glass, protruding from open wounds, the sticky drip of your soul laid bare upon the earth. And sometimes it feels like gravity is working overtime, pulling you deeper into the core of this rock, down into the abyss of what was “supposed to be,” the void of broken promises. But you do it anyway. Even though it hurts. Even when it’s hard, when it’s heavy. You show up, tear streaked face and aching bones. You show up, heart cautiously open, feet planted firmly on the earth, magic in your finger tips. Because you’re a sturdy fuckin girl—and that’s the shit sturdy girls do. + + + (STURDY GIRL LAUNCHES 9/9 🔥💪🏽)

THE STURDY GIRL STORY 2 years ago, during a weightlifting class, my then boyfriend and coach called me a Sturdy Girl. Everyone laughed, as did I, but I also beamed with pride. "Sturdy" was the nickname I never knew I wanted, and it's stuck ever since. In the aftermath of our painful and devastating breakup, I’ve chosen to keep the moniker, despite how it was acquired. My heart is broken, but it‘s fuckin’ sturdy too—and I wasn't willing to let him take that from me. I believe we are always being asked to create magic from the ashes. When the Universe trolls us, it does so to help us tend to our own earth—to learn how to use our pain to plant life where there was once debris, to CREATE CREATE CREATE. If we ignore that call, I think that’s even more heartbreaking than the trauma itself. And so, that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been processing my pain into art, and I’m proud and excited to launch the first volume of the Sturdy Girl collection into reality, just in time for my very first CrossFit competition this month. The Universe in it's infinite trolling has asked me to be sturdy, both in and out of the gym, and I have obliged, time and time again. I will never stop, and I know you won't either. Being a Sturdy Girl means being resilient as fuck. It's having the strength to be soft through the storm, and allowing it to shape you. Sturdy girls can feel pain and joy concurrently—they can be the rock and the water that flows through its cracks. Sturdy is a mindset. Sturdy is a mood. Sturdy is not about being strong all the time—it’s having the courage to show all the way up, no matter what. To keep your heart open. To trust. To receive. To allow your heart to break and know—deep in your bones—that you are pure fucking MAGIC. The Sturdy Girl collection launches 9/9 at @saltandsorcery. The artwork is a collaborative effort between me and my graphic designer boo, @small_eats. For now, there will be limited styles, but this is JUST the beginning. I’m so hype to share this new venture with you, and I’m so grateful to you for being a part of the Sturdy Girl Squad. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your energy. Thank you for being STURDY.

Santa Monica Beach

Imagine *not* having the kind of friends who will talk mad shit about your ex with you—I mean, friends who will help you process your pain 🤣. Because the thing about healing is that shit ain’t linear, and you’re gonna need to talk about the same things...again and again and again. Wounds don’t follow a timeline, heartbreak doesn’t care about your schedule. Rage comes and goes and comes again. Sadness creeps in and creeps back out. There are laughs in between, tantrums here and there, and tears throughout. But the one thing that IS certain is the healing doesn’t happen if we don’t PROCESS. Hearts don’t rebuild if we don’t give them the space and attention to do so. Wounds don’t heal without balm, without gauze, without stitches. We can’t sweep it under a rug, crumple it up and seal it in a bottle, cast that bottle into an endless sea and hope it never comes back to haunt us. We have to face it. We have to fight. We have to peel back the layers and deal with all the sticky stuff underneath. And having friends to talk shit with doesn’t hurt either 😉.

Sawtelle, Los Angeles

Happy Friday to everyone out there smiling and laughing despite their aching bones and broken hearts—to the ones who keep it pushin’ even as the world pushes against them, to those who create magic from the ashes and refuse to let their challenges destroy them. To those with salt in their wounds and daggers in their eyes, who keep on keepin’ on, for the sake of their soul alchemy. I see you. I feel you. We’ve got this. 💅🏽🧂🔪🔮 + + + 📷: @violetartistry


Them: How’s everything going? Me: ⬆️⬆️⬆️ #💀 #⚰️ #🔪

In honor of the Virgo New Moon ♍️ 🌚, let’s all have a moment of silence for the habits we’re planning to leave behind, in favor of things that are in service of our highest good—things that propel us towards meaning, fulfillment, and our Souls Purpose. Virgo brings that follow all the way through, head down, getting shit done kinda energy—which often means we need to stop. fucking. around. Personally, I need to stop fucking around and go to bed earlier. LIKE WAY EARLIER. Every night I’m like, “tonight’s the night!” And then before I know it, it’s 11:30 and I’m watching curly hair tutorials on YouTube, or I’m hella deep in the internet, reading about serial killers. I also need to stop fucking around when I’m supposed to be writing. I WILL DO ANYTHING TO AVOID WRITING—which is also how I know it’s the most important thing for my soul. Sometimes I think we need a little bit of that salty love. Jkjk I think we need that salty love pretty much all the time 🤣. So here’s me, sprinkling a lil’ salt your way, reminding you to stop fucking around on whatever it is you need to stop fucking around on. Set some intentions this week to get a bit more organized, a bit less scattered, and lot more committed to that which sets your soul on fire. + + +

“And when you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” —Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist + + + Last winter, I walked into my neighborhood plant nursery hoping to find a sansevieria moonshine. Although I had never seen one in person, I’d seen them here, via the many plant accounts I follow, and I absolutely NEEDED one. Sure enough, there she was, patiently waiting for me to take her home. Now listen, I’ve been to plant nurseries more times than I’ve been anywhere else (except the gym, obv), and in the time I’ve spent looking through a vast array of plants, I’ve probably, without even realizing it, seen tons of these babies—I just wasn’t looking. It’s not until I decided I wanted one, and became intent on finding one, that I suddenly saw it, right there, where it’s always been. When we speak our desires to the Universe, clearly, confidently, without hesitation, the Universe speaks back. And do you know what is says? Everything you need to manifest your dreams is already within you, but you’ve got to pay attention. The Universe, despite the infinite troll that it is, can help you to see what’s already in front of you, already inside you. If you listen. If you look. If you learn to speak the same language, the language of the Soul. But you must also remember that manifestation is merely the intersection of INTENTION and ACTION—you have to be clear about what you want, and you have to show the fuck up for it, again and again. You cannot run. You cannot hide. You cannot rest on your laurels. You cannot expect that the Universe will give you what you desire if you aren’t willing to put it in the work. + + + [Pictured: a sansevieria moonshine, accompanied by a fluorite sphere, from @everyday__magic. Fluorite, the genius stone, is a potent conductor of creativity, focus, flow, and action. Use this stone to manifest the shit out of your dreams by showing up for them, every single day.]


Happy Friday to everyone out there willing to get down and dirty for the shit they love. Whether it’s a gnarly workout, a creative project, an academic pursuit, or the process of healing trauma—the only way out is through, and sometimes that means you gotta get dirty, sweaty, bloody, get your hair messy, maybe even break a nail 😭. You might have to stretch yourself to the edges in order to do the thing you never thought you could do. That’s okay, boo boo. Go on ahead and get dirty. Go on ahead and chip away at your dreams, bleed for your dreams, cry for your dreams, live for your dreams. Go on.

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