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Photo @stephen_matera | A creek cascades over rocks in summer in the Wind River Mountains. The Wind River Mountains, or the Winds as they are known, are a sub-range of the Rocky Mountains. They are less known than their Teton siblings but are a bigger range that also contains the highest peak in Wyoming, Gannett Peak (not shown here) at 13,804'. The Winds are also mostly wilderness area with over 150 alpine glaciers and over 1,000 lakes. Follow me @stephen_matera for more images like this from Wyoming and around the world.

Photo by @robert_ormerod | Tire tracks crisscross the playa inside the Black Rock Desert and High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area. The NCA covers 800,000 acres and encompasses nearly 120 miles of emigrant trails.

Photo by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto | A rainbow of vegetation and the blue waters of Lake Manasarovar show that not all of the Tibetan landscape is colorless. This lake is sacred to four religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Bon. Pilgrims from all over Tibet, India, Nepal, and neighboring countries travel to worship and circumambulate around the lake. Only the most devoted and brave pilgrims will enter the frigid waters, believing it will remove spiritual and physical discomfort, therefore helping to maintain the pristine condition of this crystal clear lake.

Photo by @PaulNicklen | If you're traveling on the open ocean near British Columbia, there are three types of orca you might encounter. There are the Southern Resident killer whales which have historically depended on Chinook salmon stocks on the Pacific Coast for their survival, there are transients which live on a diet dependent on mammals like seals and sea lions, and there are the offshore orcas. These orcas have the widest range, traveling as far north as the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska and as far south as California - and who knows how far beyond that. I am humbled each time I have the chance to witness these majestic animals when the waters of BC are glassy, calm and reflecting the colors of the morning sky on its surface. To witness the power, grace and intelligence of these apex predators in the wild fills me with peace and awe each time. Follow me @PaulNicklen if you want to hear more about what it's like to be in the water and look an orca in the eye.

Photo by @sofia_jaramillo5.| Hikers scramble up rocks on Mount Pilchuck in Washington state. From the top, people can enjoy views of Mount Shuksan, Mount Baker, and the North Cascades. This is a popular hike in Western Washington. If you decide to explore the area in the fall or winter, make sure you are prepared and know where you are going. Many hikers lose the trail when it snows and it is not uncommon for search and rescue to be called up to this area. For more photos of outdoor adventure follow @sofia_jaramillo5.

Photo by @kahliaprilphoto | Exploring the depths of a limestone cave illuminated by millions of tiny little glowworms. There is pure magic in New Zealand.

Photo by @max.lowe.I One of the main sites to see as a visitor to Kathmandu is the burning ghats at Pashupatinath, the sacred Hindu religious site. The Sadhus and holi men who call the temple and surrounding area home are individuals who have renounced the worldly life to follow a path of spiritual discipline. To see more from my time in Nepal follow @max.lowe.

Photo by @daisygilardini | The warm colors of sunset usually put us in a reflective state of mind and naturally calm us down. In art and literature, sunsets often symbolize a quiet time to reflect, either little things that happened during the day or the big questions in life. The end of the day causes most creatures to quietly tuck in for the night to rest and get ready for a new day and a new beginning. Follow me @daisygilardini for more images and behind-the-scenes stories.

Photo by Jimmy Chin @jimmychin.| Window shopping. I am scouting big mountain lines for a shoot in British Columbia. For more images from mountain adventures around the world, follow @jimmychin.

Photo by @KristaRossow.| The community of Petersburg is known as Alaska’s Little Norway because it was founded more than 100 years ago by Norwegian fishermen. The charming red and white Sons of Norway Hall greets visitors who come to this small fishing community in Southeast Alaska. For more images from around the world, follow me @KristaRossow.

Video by @babaktafreshi.| Enjoy the rising Harvest Moon from September 13 in a crystal clear sky over the Atlantic Ocean near Boston. The long telephoto lens reveals a much larger moon than we normally experience. I had one eye on the moon and the other on the people who some looked excitingly and some ignored. There is a lot we miss when being disconnected from the natural world.⁣ ⁣The soundtrack “I Witness Windflaw” is a courtesy of orchestra composer Barbad Bayat. Explore more of The World at Night photography with me, @babaktafreshi.

Photo by @bertiegregory | A large male polar bear approaches in a snow storm on the west coast of the Hudson Bay, Canada. Although this bear was big, polar bears can get even bigger, with the largest male polar bears weighing more than 1600 lbs! Follow @bertiegregory for more wildlife adventures.

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