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Yoga Teacher. @theunderbellyyoga Author. UPCOMING CLASSES: DURHAM + HOUSTON + DETROIT + NYC

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Durham, North Carolina

Watching myself age tests the outta my positivity, boy lemme tell you. It’s more than just a hashtag- it’s a commitment. It’s work. My old IG photos can feel like a of my own making some times because it’s like looking back at a very carefully curated hall of how I decided to see myself. It’s easiest to accept the changes when I remember that God is Change. Photo by @ashedangerphoenix

What’s she got that you don’t? Well, she was thinner with less baggage and far fewer responsibilities. She also knew less, made wildly irresponsible decisions and was at least a little most of the time. I didn’t respect her at the time. I didn’t take the time to get to know her and now that she’s gotten older I’m wishing that I’d loved her then. How many times are you going to have to learn that lesson, Stanley? Why must you cling to nostalgia? But that’s just it, really. Because I not me and none of this is about that anyway. It’s all bigger than you, Stanley. Song is Imani Coppola “Legend of A Cowgirl”

Durham, North Carolina

Dear Durham, North Carolina- I’m teaching a free class on Saturday at @northstardurham at 9:30am- it’s part of the @equalitync gala weekend AND it’s free99 AND it’s now SOLD OUT- see y’all on Saturday! This’ll be my first time holding space at North Star and I’m looking forward to breathing with y’all there. Also, here’s a few places where you’ll be able to find me this fall: 10/19-20: Houston, TX w/ @melaninyogaproject 10/26-27: Detroit, MI w/ @iyengaryogadetroit 11/1-3: New York City w/ @pureyoganyc Click the link above to register! Throwback to last weekend at @wanderlustfest in Prospect Park with bb @djseriousblack 📸 @ashlevel

Brooklyn, New York

My weight fluctuates because I human. Because there are things that arise in my life which change my vessel. It’s not a mistake or a malfunction. The responsibility of the soul within this is to live beyond aesthetic changes. Everything is always the se. The work is still the se. The path continues, regardless of aesthetics. I actually still the se scared toddler who used to be afraid of the dark. That little light is still shining inside and it is to that light alone that I remain accountable. Photo by @ashedangerphoenix

New York, New York

In honor of the fact that Instagram is (apparently) run by puritans who believe that bare fat cheeks are more of a threat to society than trauma mongering, I’m putting all of my NSFW on my blog. It’s a tumblr so who knows how long before my gets shut down but I’ve already had one Instagram account reported/deleted (RIP @jessamyntwerks) and I’m not tryin to have that happen again. You win, Instagram. Find the link to my blog at the link in my bio- it’s labeled ‘NSF Instagram’. Photo by @ashedangerphoenix at @respiteintheroundnc

Rougemont, North Carolina

The @_myplusone air pulsing arouser was my first time ever using an air pulsing . I’ve been pretty skeptical about air pulsing vibes in the past bc I require A LOT of clitoral stimulation in order to get off, but I was truly shocked by the intensity of sensation from this little vibe. Since it’s waterproof and made of body-safe materials, I took it on a swim in the Tar River and honestly, after using it, I had a little difficulty even getting my together enough to take these photos! I highly recommend giving this little guy a try- it’s a little different from your everyday vibe and it’s a pretty low risk investment since it’s more affordable than other options. @_myplusone is gonna give 10 of y’all an air pulsing arouser of your own! To enter: Follow @mynameisjessamyn & @_myplusone Comment with an emoji or two- blow me a kiss, baby xoxo Winner will be chosen after 48 hours and we can only ship to winners with a valid US postal address- good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor! In case you don’t win, you can grab an arouser for yourself at Walmart for less than $40! Photo by @ashedangerphoenix at @respiteintheroundnc

Made it back to my spin bike this week and feeling really grateful that my fitness game finally isn’t entirely ociated with changing my . It makes it a lot easier to come back after a break when shame isn’t blocking the doorway. Also, putting a ratchet home gym in our house is maybe one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Really and truly made this happen on the cheap/thrifted half of it and I kind of questioned it at the time bc honestly I’ve never known anyone with a “home gym” but when I realized home gym actually just equals fitness in your living room I was like “I mean why the wouldn’t I do this.” 1/2- this is the part with cycling. Song is @beyonce ft. The Weeknd “6 Inch”

Song is Prince’s “Darling Nikki” Bra is is @calvinklein

Durham, North Carolina

Two years ago I published a yoga book that is low key punk as and I smile every time one of y’all posts a picture of it. Thank you for your support and a special thank you to everyone who’s bought a copy not just for yourself but for someone you love.

Durham, North Carolina

August 22 is Black Women's Equal Pay Day, showing how far into 2019 black women must work to earn what white men made in 2018. That's 9 extra months! Even worse, the gap has widened since last year. Black women disproportionately are heads of households, they make up the largest group of minority women-owned businesses, and they're a key voting bloc with one of the biggest voter turnouts — when you lift up black women, you lift up entire communities. They are phenomenal, and they deserve equal pay! @phenomenal tee benefits the Black Futures Lab. I literally took this photo as I was walking out the door to a meeting with my accountant and feeing like a bad boss . Wearing my Shirley Chisholm & @remyma x @the.wing pins, feeling like the epitome of my ancestors wildest dreams. Black and proud, today and every day. ✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿

Y’all been asking where I get my yoga - I’ve sworn by @calvinklein briefs for years bc they stay at my waist and are pretty resilient to damage when it comes to pulling them back up or down. I also love practicing yoga in @torrid bc @torrid knows how to fit a fat in drawers. I know leggings and sports bras are necessary in public classes but I pretty much never wear traditional exercise clothes when I practice yoga/exercise at home. Clothes get in the way of manipulating my flesh and it’s bad enough that I’ve gotta wear them in public. Fighting with clothing can ruin a yoga practice, ya feel me. 2/3- this is the part where my cats crawl on me while I’m lifting. Song is @beyonce ft. @nickiminaj “Flawless (Remix)”

Poses are such a tiny part of this . The meat of a yoga practice happens off the mat- it comes up at the intersections of identity, the spaces where we’re forced to reckon with the light and dark inside of ourselves. Yoga poses are just a vehicle to a much bigger reckoning within the self. As my yoga practice has deepened, its become less about glorified gymnastics and more about reckoning with the light and dark inside myself. At this point in my life, physical and spiritual reclamation is a huge part of that. I’m sure that’s a little disconcerting for those who have been sold a different definition of yoga and who come over to my journal looking for posture inspiration- but this page isn’t about the yoga of mass marketing. This is about my yoga and my yoga is messy and complicated and NSFW and as . My grandma wouldn’t approve and I doubt yours would either. Good thing this isn’t for them, huh? Song is “Thunder Thighs” by the homie @yoeaves 1/3- typical yoga flavored warmup

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