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Kitten Foster Mom specializing in caring for neonatal & critical care kitties. Documenting the lives of my fosters & promoting TNR @fosteringapurpose

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Our little EJ is struggling. Her weight keeps going down despite our tireless efforts. I saw the vet yesterday and we started her on a new medication and B12 injections. Come on baby girl. We need you to grow.

Shadoobie is now counting down the days until Norbie’s adoption. 😾

Shadoobie is loving the cooler weather. More time to lounge in her catio.

That belly is just too irresistible. (The banging in the guessed it. Norb.)

Eye Care for Animals - Las Vegas, NV

We had our third visit with the Eye Care Specialist today and everyone at the vet office was so excited to see Pippi and Astrid today! The doctor said one more week of meds, only once a day now! Although the infection has cleared, Pippi has zero vision and Astrid has zero vision in one eye. Dr. Smith feels it is best to remove the bad eyes to prevent any future infection or issues. He is comfortable doing so once they are 3 pounds, so in another 5-6 weeks. Pippi weighed in today at 1.7 pounds and Astrid is 1.9 pounds. He feels it is totally safe to have the clinic do their spay/neuter at 2 pounds so in about 2 weeks they’ll have that done.

We tried a day with no tube feeding EJ yesterday and her weight went down. Ugh. Back to the tube today. I get asked a lot about how long I normally tube feed kittens for and it’s usually a few days. They usually start to get used to a and have the desire to start eating ok their own. I don’t like tube feeding kittens, it’s my very last option. She eats, but like a little bird. Not enough to sustain her. I also get asked about her future and what we’re going to do if she doesn’t start eating enough. I really don’t know the answer to that question. All I know is I’m fighting for her every single day. And we’re just taking it day by day. I’m going to the store this afternoon to pick up some @freshpet since I’ve had some success with feeding that to other picky fosters. PS - the crash you hear at the end of the first video is Norbie jumping into a cardboard box. That kid!

WE HAVE A SOLID POOPIE...IN THE BOX! 🎉🎉🎉 I literally screamed for joy when I saw this. I didn’t do a close-up of course, but it’s right there in the back corner!

Norbie and his flip flop obsession. A zillion toys and he prefers these.

ANOTHER MILESTONE FOR EJ! No more incubator! We have moved on to the mini playpen and a litter box!

275 grams AND something that resembled a more formed poopie today. Still supplementing with the tube, but we are making progress!

NEW JERSEY - Columbus / Mansfield (Burlington County) - HELP NEEDED! My cousin has a mama and babies living on her property. She needs help trapping them. She found a place she can take feral mama in for spay and can bring her back to live on her property but the babies are young enough to be socialized and can eat on their own. She caught one baby who was dying alone out in the sun. He was weak and lethargic and full of ticks. He had low sugar. She got him inside, got the ticks off and gave him some honey to boost his surgery. He’s perked up and eating now. Are you a foster in the area who can help? You’ll need to be already affiliated with a rescue who can take these kitten in. Can you help my cousin trap this little family? I wish I was there to help. If you don’t live close, standby because we can all chip in and send supplies to the foster/rescue that agrees to take these babies. SEND ME A DM.

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