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✉️ | @theleisibs. 🌈. Agender high-fashion lifestyle creator / photographer / consultant. Styleteller™.

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Los Angeles, California

Being one with nature. Manifesting dreams. Staying on course. In my @theziran robe. | shots by @azusatakano

Ravintola Olo

Skipped the front rows of this season for seats @restaurantolo — the epitome of synchronized orchestration and culinary finesse. Scroll through for the moment! 🤯🤤👏🏽

Upernavik, Greenland

Somewhere over Greenland a germaphobic gaysian appears on the business class of @feelfinnair — aptly inspired by @naomi now-viral in flight cleaning routine! ✨ ......

Helsinki Kamppi

uniform. Perfect for brisk winds while keeping dry • @uniqlousa sweater • @cosstores trousers + bag • @hokaoneone neon sneakers • @alicemadethis brass necklace | 📸@drfashion808

Oodi Central Library Helsinki

The @oodihelsinki library — in all its colossal glory. It is truly a beautiful behemoth of Finnish architectural design by @ala_architects. And all that wood just makes me 🤤 | 📸 @lumix @lumixusa ...... 📸


Moi~reporting live from @MyHelsinki! My love for Helsinki’s local culinary scene continues to persist ever so brightly, so I am coming through with some recommendations • @allasseapool for a seaside lunch complete with views. Get the artic char with plenty of seasonal herbs and vegetables, namely the potato purée • @latva_restaurant for their signature lamb shoulder dish, dessert pudding, and exquisite interior • @marskibyscandic for the kuusi palaa and specialty house cocktails that will surely blow your mind! | All photos captured on @GooglePixel

Half Moon Bay, California

I am a firm believer of catching flights and feelings because somewhere between Pan’s Labyrinth, Roma and Narnia exists Half Moon Bay. So grateful to have had a few moments of refuge before jetting off again 🛩 ...... 📸

Half Moon Bay, California

Checking in from . Also to debut my crew cut that I haven’t had since 5th grade, just in time to go down memory lane for my high school bestie’s wedding! 💯💐

Los Angeles, California

that summer time aesthetic. somehow it makes the heat that much more bearable 🌞

Los Angeles, California

My imaginary man (@manfrottoimaginemore, that is) took these candid photos of me waking up on my luxe @RORA bamboo sheets — so soft and silky you’d want to get them at 20% off using my code MYBELONGING20. Honest opinion only, otherwise I wouldn’t recommend them at all! 🛌 ......

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