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Do more of the things that make you happy it has an incredibly positive impact on your health & helps you decrease the side effects of stress. ❤️Last minute decision to grab a group of friends and family & hit up @worldonwheelsla for night! Tag a friend you wanna go with and get out there and do it! ❤️🎶Thanks @kentaseki @ashleyjoi @nadege_ndjebayi @melindatravis44 @curtiscarcare @mrs.camillewatson @petsgowalkingweho and fam for coming out! ❤️Have some fun! It’s good for your health! Camera 🎥 skills by @kentaseki @apple ❤️

Thank-you for ALL the BIRTHDAY LOVE! This is my fave selfie of the past year!❤️ Love Yourself. It’s one of the most powerful things you will ever do. ❤️Instead of tearing yourself down, change that behavior & build yourself up. You have to train your brain to think positive thoughts by practicing that behavior which will in turn have a positive impact on you and your life. When you look in the mirror practice positive affirmations ❤️even if it’s just one a day. Here’s a few to get you started: 1) You got this! You can achieve anything you put your mind to. 2) I see you working hard, keep up the good work. 3) You need a day of rest & recovery, that’s ok, take it. 4) Keep up the good work with your weekly workouts & healthy eating I see your skin is starting to glow & you have more energy throughout the day! ❤️I created the @hollywoodtrainerclub to give everyone great workouts, motivation & healthy recipes & community support to reap the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle! Login and join us! It’s only $20/month. ❤️Our goal is to encourage you to be committed & consistent with your workouts and healthy eating so you will enjoy all the benefits of healthy living! If your is above 35inches for a female & 40inches for a male you are at increased risk of and . Regular exercise & healthy eating has numerous benefits: improved self confidence, improved fitness level, decrease risk of heart disease, diabetes & metabolic syndrome, decreased risk of depression, decreased risk of cancer, strengthened immune system, growth of new brain cells, improved hormonal regulation, stronger muscles, connective tissue & bones, decrease in excess fat and the list goes on! Join us! You can do it! I’m 45 and I feel 25! This healthy living stuff works!❤️💯

Stepping into my BIRTHDAY with this kind of Energy! It’s almost go time! 😜9.18.1974 Giving thanks to God, friends, family, clients, students, business partners & colleagues for so many blessings! ❤️Grateful for all of you and your positive energy! Keep the light shining! Good Energy on 9000! ❤️ BIG MOOD! ❤️Big love to these beautiful women for one of my fave videos of the past year.❤️ @iamtulin @jackjoneslitarts @ashleyjoi @nadege_ndjebayi @bethalexanderfitness ❤️

😜Tag a friend & race them on for a super fun I couldn’t stop laughing! Please give this a try! on the is a great Workout for your and and it’s super fun! So who won? @jayjay_fit had the lead but the finish was close! ❤️(Song is by Chubb Rock 🎶)

Tag your friends that want an intense Total Body Sculpt with no jumping! Don’t be fooled by the word low impact, it just means no jumping, it doesn’t mean it’s easy, in fact many times it’s even more challenging getting deep muscle recruitment & using less momentum. Give these 9 exercises a try 10-20reps, 2-3sets! 1. Stationary Lunge with Medial Shoulder Raise 2. Push-up to Renegade Row 3. Plié or Sumo Squat with Front Shoulder Raise to Upright Row 4. Core Plank Pike 5. Ab V Up 6. Back Fly with Back Taps 7. Multi-Directional Lunges: Front, Side, Reverse 8. Plank Knee to Elbows, Step up to Squat Bicep Curl, Shoulder Press 9. Tricep Press Backs For more Low Impact Workouts login to our club @HollywoodTrainerClub and click on then and click on workouts in the drop down menu. Let’s gooooooo! (Song by E-40 ft. Quavo, Roddy Ricch, A$AP Ferg, ScHoolboy Q 🎶)(Workout fit by @torysport and location @mansionfitness)❤️💪

Spoiler Alert 🗣Those people you think that have a perfect life....they don’t, they have problems too. It’s important to respect what people choose to post or not to post on social media but it’s your responsibility to not compare yourself or your life to someone’s social media posts. ❤️Here’s a list of things you can do to make sure you are happy in your REAL LIFE: 1. . Whatever challenges you are going through, always know that everyone has tough times & you’re not alone so count your blessings. Make a list of 5-10 things you are grateful for & feel the positive energy resonate through your . 2. Do more of the things that make you happy. Write down 5-10 things that you really want to do & start planning them. A night out bowling with friends, a weekend getaway, movie night, a new workout, journaling, painting, writing, cooking, nature hike..etc. 3. Give some of your time to help someone else in need. The return to you in joy is always just as big as the giving 4. Take some time to rejuvenate: massage, hot bath, meditation, prayer, yoga, spa day, or just relaxing in nature. 5. in Real life with friends & family. Get off of social media & actually spend some quality FUN time with friends & family! Remember it’s your life & it will be as GREAT or as MISERABLE as YOU CHOOSE to make it! So I encourage you ALL to MAKE IT GREAT!❤️

I’ve been loving the @Fatrabbit Vegetarian 🌱 Bowls! I’ve been trying them for the past few weeks and they are delicious 😋 packed with flavor & SuperFoods! One Bowl is packed with 10grams of & 10grams of . My favorite flavor is with Sweet Potato, Red & White Quinoa, Spinach, Brussel Sprouts, Navy Beans, Apples, Black Beans, Pumpkin Seeds, Cranberries & Cinnamon! Just the right amounts of everything making these vegetarian bowls mouth watering delicious! You can find them in your frozen food section & on Amazon Fresh! Let me know when you try my favorite flavor & tag a friend that needs some help with eating their daily vegetables! 😋❤️

Tag a friend & hit the treadmill with 💦💦💦30-45sec, 10x ❤️at a pace you can control with good form with 30-60sec Walk/Jog Recovery😊 ❤️Ab Finisher : 50 Bicycle Crunches & Ab V-Hold 30-60sec repeat 3x ❤️Try our Bootcamp or Streaming Workouts in the club @hollywoodtrainerclub with modifications & instructions for all levels from beginner to advanced! We have over 500+ workouts & challenges including just login, click on and and Join us! (Song by @Migos)

Tag a friend and have some fun with these ladder drills! You’ll also get your heart rate pumping❤️ & maybe even improve the speed of your feet! 💯Spice up your workouts with some fun drills and you will get excited to come back for more! ❤️ 1. X-Country Ski 2. Lateral X-Country Ski 3. Heisman 4. Stationary Crossover 5. Plank Lateral Hop (Modification Plank Side Step) 6. Single Leg Hop Forward & Back 7. Forward Back 3x Burpee Tuck Jump 30-45sec each, 2-3sets BONUS Single Leg Hop Forward & Back 2x to Warrior Pose Hold If at first you don’t succeed try try again! Make sure you have fun! 🎶Song is Simon Says by Megan Thee Stallion @theestallion 🎶🔥 ❤️For a Kick workout with instructions & modifications for all levels login to our club @HollywoodtrainerClub click on then and press play on let’s go!

Live your life. ❤️There’s always going to be someone that doesn’t like you, those aren’t your people. ❤️You will never please everyone & that’s ok. You are perfect for the people who need you.❤️Keep focusing on your dreams, goals & purpose. (Photo Quote by @ditavonteese ❤️) ❤️

What is something healthy you are going to do for yourself today? 😊👇Leave a message in the comments, I would love to know! ❤️I’m going to start the day with our Cardio Blast & Ab Blast workout in the club @hollywoodtrainerclub & some positive intentions! ❤️Loooove this fresh fruit plate by @naturallyzuzu 🍇🍓🍒

Tag a friend & try this super fun 10Exercise HIIT Workout I did with @bethalexanderFitness 1. Pendulum Swings 2. 2 Jacks Alt Cross Torso Knee to Elbow 3. Squat Jacks 4. Plank Pike Ankle Taps 5. 2 Jab Jacks, 2 Jacks 6. Side Lunge Triple Knee Up 7. Crab Walk Toe Touch 8. Mountain Climbers 9. Plyo Lunge 10. Ab V Up Downs with Alt Leg Extensions BONUS: Dance Party 30-45sec each, 2-3sets! ❤️For INSTRUCTIONS & MODIFICATIONS for ALL LEVELS login to our club @HollywoodTrainerClub and do our workout just login and click on then for over 500+ streaming Workouts & Challenges with instructions for all levels! ❤️Let’s goooooo! My entire especially my & were on fire the next two days!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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