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“Co·two” ✖️ Business Development ✖ Hair Industry Hacker📱 ✖ Consultant @lorealpro ✖ Co-founder of @lepetitsalon613 ✖ In the business of figuring 💩out

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Pestana Palace Lisboa

Details @pestanapalace Lisbon. - There were moments over the past few weeks where I stopped and allowed myself to take in what was happening. - Noticing the details of the things that surround me always lead to stronger more vivid memories. - When you find yourself in a moment you’ve worked hard or waited a long time to get to, take a moment to look around and meaningfully record a memory. 📽💭☺️

Sant ' Ischia

Precious Metals, Priceless Meanings. - My wedding ring, white gold and onyx signet ring with my initials engraved on the side was custom made for me by my mother in law @brendaradfordjewelry. - Watch, classic blue dial @Omega Sea-master. This watch was my father’s which he gave to me on my 25th birthday. - Suit, Royal Blue extra wide peak lapel 2 button suit by @sorencustom. Among some of the partnerships born from the wedding this one fit me like a glove. @ellis_sorencustom and the gentlemen at Soren created 3 completely distinct pieces of art for me including my white dinner jacket tux for the big day. - Sant’Angelo d’Ischia. A tiny walking town on the southern coast of Ischia, Italy. Sitting on the incredible terrace of @villasirena hotel & restaurant (best kept secret) enjoying the most beautiful sunsets. - Objects are only worth the sentiment we place on them.

A perfect day. - I believe everything happens for a reason. There are no chance meetings. Every decision that I’ve made good or bad, every success and every failure, brought me to that moment. To Lisbon, a place that I love so much. Standing in front of all of our incredible friends who travelled around the world to show us how much they care. To marry the woman of my dreams. - Thank you for all the love.

Toronto, Ontario

“The Journey” > “The Destination” 💯% Always! • Every step takes you to the next. Everything I’ve gone through; good, bad or ugly led me to the beautiful and amazing things that have happened in my life. • As the countdown begins for the amazing party in Portugal I’m reminded of the incredible people that I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and smart enough to keep strong bonds with. • A couple of weeks ago I got to spend an amazing weekend with some of those people in Toronto for my Bachelor party. • I even got the chance to combine the last day with my future bride @victoriaradford to finish off her Bachelorette as well. • So thankful for the amazing friends that were able to make it out, @julesbistro924 & @bucatoronto for some epic meals, @ceruleanadventures for an incredible day learning to sail and our Veuve Cliquot fuelled pool party/brunch at @chezlavelle.

Toronto, Ontario

The denim jean market is worth $56 billion. Human Trafficking... $150 billion. • Human trafficking is a form of Modern Slavery. It affects an estimated 40.3 million men, women, and children around the world. • According to the United Nations, human trafficking has reached a 13-year high. • It is an issue that exists at every corner of the world, in developing and first-world countries alike. Which is fkn crazy! • Women and girls make up the most trafficked victims. Almost three-quarters of them are trafficked for sexual exploitation and 35 per cent are trafficked for forced labour. • Traffickers generate billions of dollars each year through exploiting humans, and the highly nuanced nature of this crime works to their advantage, helping them keep the issue in the dark. • Share on July 30, the United Nations World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, and help shed light on social injustice. • @Outlanddenim fights to end the global crisis around human trafficking. In honour of , I’m proud to wear Outland Denim and help raise awareness to such an integral cause. They do to empower young women who have experience or are vulnerable to human trafficking and exploitation. •

Keswick, Ontario

“Are you not entertained!?” • Re-affirming thought 💭: If you’re not the kind of person who is willing to go all out at a costume party, you’re not my kinda person. • Enjoyed an amazing Saturday on the lake with my personal goddess @victoriaradford • 🧿🏛🏺🧿🏛🏺🧿🏛🏺

Soren Custom

So excited to announce my collaboration with @sorencustom suiting leading up to the wedding this summer. ✖️ I’ve always felt that it’s not what you do, but how you do it that makes the difference in business. Through this experience I’ve realized that I feel the same about the clothes I wear. ✖️ I’ve had a few custom tailored suits done in the past but I honestly haven’t had such an amazing experience like at . @ellis_sorencustom , @mark_sorencustom and the entire team are all about the details. During the process they take in your thoughts, requests and ideas and guide you through the process while offering their advice and knowledge built from generations of making men look and feel great. ✖️ “It’s not a suit. It’s an experience”

Winners of the 1st @national_leaguee Trophy 🏆!! ! • 99% emotional control, unless @portugal is playing 🤬🤯🤩

Paris, France

“Les Goofballs” by @annaraiz_ in Paris, 2019. • I can’t think of anyone better to travel through life with. Eating, drinking, laughing and tearing 💩 up.

Radford Studio

Never not intense. 😅 • So nice catching up with @lauradunphy1 from @salonmagazine during the @radfordstudio anniversary party a while back.

The Burroughes

It’s always amazing to catch-up with people who are leaders in their industries. Whenever I do it quickly becomes very clear that success is a fundamental choice and not luck. • So happy to have been able to support the incredibly talented Mr. Anh Co Tran (@anhcotran) and his team with the New @lorealpro Techni-art rebrand for his jam packed masterclass in Toronto last month. •

Bar Reyna

When you know, you know... and I know how incredibly lucky I am to have found someone that I connect so deeply with and with the same drive and passion for life that has been so important to me. I’m so happy to spend the rest of my life chasing our dreams together. • My love, muse and future wife 💍 @victoriaradford. • 📸 “Fadista Vitória” by me.

It’s gonna be a big year 2019💥 -

Ottawa, Ontario

Here’s to a year of putting myself in front of the camera. 2019 is going to be big💥 - 2018 was a year of learning to read my own compass and honing my direction. Each year you grow and discover a bit more about yourself, which allows you to make better decisions as you move forward. - Now it’s time to take that self-awareness and go do. You’ll be seeing a lot more of my face this year Instagram, so get ready! (Next day... the great Instagram crash of 2019) - to the first ever photoshoot where I was the focal point. Obviously shot in Ottawa, Canada in July of 2016 by the talented @kevinbela

The Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto

In every situation you have the choice to reaffirm the tone you set for your life. • Choosing who you surround yourself with is very important. • Feeling so grateful to have met, collaborated with and worked some amazing people. @carolinebelange being one of them. Straight hustler. • 📸: at the @salonmagazine 2019 with @lorealpro

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