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NFL Network analyst. Chargers radio analyst Twitter/Snapchat/Facebook: MoveTheSticks

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JJ Watt stumbles at the end but this is a textbook example of converting speed to power. Beautiful.

Every WR (HS, CFB & NFL) should study @keenan13allen. What he does with his releases & at the top of his route is pure gold. Watch & learn.

Filthy route from Austin Ekeler. Great job settling/selling hitch.

Ravens TE Mark Andrews had a big day! Here’s how he did it—Empty sets and let him go to work. 4 of his 8 catches right here:

Jerry Jeudy is a master technician & his stop/start explosiveness is off the chart!

DK Metcalf is quickly turning into a big play machine. Impressed with his suddenness in his release, his ability to adjust & his competitiveness after the catch.

Ohio State DE (2) Chase Young is easy to evaluate. Get off burst, outstanding hands and he can bend/finish at the top of his rush.

Austin Ekeler is getting a lot of love for his running & pass catching production but I was even more impressed with his pass protection. Close the space, deliver the blow & stay attached. Beautiful.

Nick Bosa vs TE Advantage Bosa

Joey Bosa was unbelievable yesterday. He picked up a sack early in the game and then he was consistently double teamed. His effort was off the chart! Check out his pursuit on these clips.

It’s rare to see QBs with both urgency & poise. Tua has that combo. Everything is crisp and firm from his lower half. Excellent vision/awareness.

Jake Fromm has outstanding toughness inside the pocket. His eyes never drop to see the rush and he takes some huge shots. He missed a couple throws in this game but I love the poise and grit he displayed.

Georgia RB D’Andre Swift doesn’t care if you have the same jersey on...he will run you over. ❤️ this dude!!!

Here’s a good example of the lower body strength for Austin Ekeler. He carries a defender like a backpack for 7 yards.

Frank Clark (55) with the beautiful euro step sack!!

Jimmy G is going to be just fine. People have been freaking out but plays like this show his growth and feel in this system. He calmly & quickly gets to his 4th read.


Bradley Chubb doing same things he did in college— set the edge, find ball, hunt the QB. Beautiful hand use vs run & pass. Teaching tape for young edge rushers of all levels.

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