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Introducing Ewen Stewart, Legal Assistant, at Motorcycle Law Scotland. Ewen interviews witnesses, examines accident locations and prepares Court documents. Ewen has been riding bikes for years and changes them regularly!

Review time. It must be a Friday! This client received very little communication or advice from their insurer's appointed panel solicitor. However, patient, fair and realistic are the words which he has used to describe his dealings with Motorcycle Law Scotland. We're happy with that.🙂 Have a great weekend!

Introducing Thomas Mitchell, Assistant in the Motorcycle Law Scotland team. Thomas has been riding off-road motorcycles from the age of 5 but gained his direct access licence last summer. He has still to acquire the bike of his dreams but in the meantime rides the Tracer 900GT or the NC750 DCT.

Continuing our introductions to the Motorcycle Law Scotland team, this is Andrew, our Senior Administrator. Andrew rides a Yamaha 125 motorcycle. He commutes on his bike every day all year round. One of these days he will complete and pass his Direct Access.

We believe that being ourselves really does make a difference when representing injured motorcyclists. Over the next week, we'll introduce you to members of the team. First up is Senior Partner, Brenda Mitchell. Brenda passed her bike test in 1983, recently became an advanced motorcyclist and is a member of BGAM. She rides a Honda NC750 and a Yamaha 900 Tracer GT but not at the same time!

Saltire Motorcycles Ltd

It’s all happening down at @saltiremotorcycles | @alba.customs Autumn Extravaganza. Come on down and join the party.

Lovely way to end the week. Thanks Robert for your kind words and taking the time to provide a review.

Aviemore & Cairngorms

Entries for the custom bike competition at @thunder_in_the_glens Some real beauties amongst this lot.

Set up at @thunder_in_the_glens for the weekend. Looking forward to renewing old aquaintances and meeting lots of new rally goers.

We’ll have some new banners on display in the law scotland marquee at @thunder_in_the_glens this weekend. Here’s a sneak preview of one of them. for

No matter what stage your motorcycle collision claim for injury, damage or loss is at, it’s always possible to change Solicitors – and you don’t need to remain with the Solicitor appointed by your insurance company either. Also, there is no financial cost or risk to you in moving.

Anyone able to tell which bike this is? Have a guess.

Capturing some new shots yesterday for the MLS website thanks to @outofofficedotscot. It was a little warm not to be moving but we got the job done😉

All set up @edinburghtriumph for their demo day. Come on down and demo ride any Triumph of your choice, grab the best burger in town, top up your Triumph wardrobe and grab some @unpassuk to keep your steed clean and shiny. We’re here to answer legal questions too.😀

It's good to know that clients recognise how our professionalism and expertise are critical in reaching satisfactory settlements for them.

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