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A research, policy and advocacy organization for people working in the global fashion industry. We created the RESPECT Program

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Model Alliance moms @agathatan6 @justjesslewis and @robynlawley striking with their kids, from DC to NYC. Beautiful and powerful! Thanks to everyone who joined the strike, in person or online; who used their voice to amplify @gretathunberg’s urgent call to action.

Planet Earth

This Friday, September 20th, millions of people will join young climate strikers in a Global . Find your local strike at Why are you striking? How are you using your voice to create change? Check out our stories for more insight into fashion’s impact on people and the planet — and how we’re stepping up!

Lack of financial transparency, coercive contracts, late payment, nonpayment — it’s no secret that most models struggle with these issues, which have long plagued the industry. Now, the industry is receiving increasing scrutiny, models are speaking up, and we’re working to change the status quo. Swipe through for insights from our founder @saraziff and read the full article @wwd via the link in our stories.

Next Models

“[Jeffrey Epstein] regularly dropped by the New York offices of one of modeling’s biggest agencies — Next Model Management — according to sources familiar with the business, and lavished funds on charities connected to Next co-owner Faith Kates and her family. Brunel owned a 25 percent stake in Next with his brother, according to previously unreported court documents.” Swipe for highlights and read @thedailybeast’s full story on , and via the link in our stories. | Models: we offer free and discrete reporting and assistance at Model Alliance Support.

Spring Studios

This , @nicolemillernyc celebrated women in their 40s, 50s and 60s, with iconic models Claudia Mason, Patricia Velasquez, Pat Cleveland, Veronica Webb, and Frederique Van Der Wal walking the finale arm in arm. Cleveland, who announced she was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, showed her irrepressible spirit with her signature catwalk swirls. The show was dedicated to the late Bud Konheim, Nicole’s longtime business partner. Congrats @nicolemillerlife and team. Photo: Paolo Lanzi /

Spring Studios

Last night at , we celebrated @chromat’s 10th anniversary show. Fiercely progressive and inclusive, CHROMAT’s ethos reflects founder and designer @beccamccharentran’s approach to fashion as a way to build community and challenge beauty standards. The fact that she does this as a small, independent company — while mitigating environmental impact by using sustainable fabrics to create her designs — is all the more impressive. Congrats to the whole CHROMAT team and, of course, all the models whose unique beauty, energy and confidence make CHROMAT a show like no other. Photos: Filippo Fior /

New York, New York

Thanks to everyone who participated in yesterday’s event, Community & Conversation. In light of the case, and ongoing concerns about in the industry, models shared their experiences to demonstrate the need for greater protections and oversight of the industry. Our partners at @johnjaycollege and @safehorizon were on hand to help provide a framework to better identify and understand models’ experiences in the context of trafficking, as well as the resources available to survivors. Likewise, we’re urging companies to foster a safe work environment in the fashion industry by joining the RESPECT Program. We expect this will be the first of many conversations about these issues in our industry as we push for genuine accountability and work towards prevention.

100+ models and industry leaders joined forces to write an open letter to @victoriassecret. We were heard. When we stand together, real change is inevitable. Join us.

New York, New York

Models in NYC: There’s been a lot in the news lately about questionable practices, abuse and unfair work conditions in our industry. This , we’re joining together to discuss our experiences in a safe, supportive space and build power to change the status quo! RSVP to (location will be provided with rsvp).

More than two decades before took his own life, model and actress Alicia Arden went into a California police station and filed one of the earliest sex-crime complaints against him: that he groped her during what she thought was a modeling interview for the catalog. Arden said she never heard back from investigators about her complaint. No charges ever came of it. And to this day she sees it as a glaring missed opportunity to bring the financier to justice long before he was accused of sexually abusing scores of teenage girls and women. | Read the full article in our story.

Reposted with permission from @michelledeswarte, who also spoke with the Washington Post. ・・・ I was taken to Jeffrey Epstein house in 2001. Organized by my agency then called Karen’s now called mc2 it was one the most creepy experiences of my modeling career! I can only wish some peace and justice for those less fortunate then my self 🙏🏾

Jean-Luc Brunel is the former head of and —two international modeling agencies that launched the careers of successful models. Former models have accused of drugging and date-raping them, and former employees claim that he recruited foreign, underage girls to be pimped out of ’s New York apartments. The allegations against Brunel became well-known 30 years ago after a nationally televised program on 60 Minutes, echoed later in a book and court records. And yet, they sparked no apparent investigation. Nor did they prevent Brunel from continuing to exploit and assault others, according to former models. | Read more via the links in our stories. For confidential reporting or advice, you can contact MA Support via the email in our profile. You can also find additional resources on our website.

New York

As of August 14, 2019, survivors of any age have a one-year window to come forward to prosecute childhood sexual abusers in New York. Learn more via the link in our bio.

Today, we joined @goodmorningamerica to discuss why over 100 models are calling on @victoriassecret to join the RESPECT Program, a legally binding agreement to create safe and fair working conditions in the fashion industry.

We stand in solidarity with over 100 models and @timesupnow to fight sexual harassment, assault, and trafficking. @victoriassecret will you do the same? Learn more and read our letter (link in bio).

The New York Times

According to the @nytimes, around the summer of 1996, “executives at L Brands learned that Mr. Epstein was trying to involve himself in the recruitment of lingerie models for the Victoria’s Secret catalog, a coveted assignment for young models and aspiring actresses. That was troubling: Victoria’s Secret sourced models from talent agencies, not individuals [...] When Mr. Wexner was informed about what Mr. Epstein was doing, he promised to take care of the issue, the two executives said.” The Times goes on to report that “nearly a decade later, in early 2006, Florida authorities charged Mr. Epstein with multiple counts of molestation and unlawful sexual activity with a minor. It wasn’t until 18 months later that Mr. Wexner cut ties with Mr. Epstein.” Read the full article via the link in our stories.

is a New York-based photographer who several models have accused of abusive behavior, including sexual assault and alleged rape, as reported by @diet_prada. On his website, the photographer says he has contributed to Vogue, Elle, GQ and Harper’s Bazaar. He is also credited as a photographer for many images from the 2017 and 2018 editions of the @victoriassecret Fashion Show. Models: if you would like to file a report and/or are seeking assistance or advice, you can confidentially contact MA Support via the email in our profile.

Celebrity photographer is facing backlash after screenshots were published that appeared to show him initially agreeing to shoot a model for free, until she refused to send him nude photographs of herself. Models: You do not have to tolerate any sort of unwanted or inappropriate conduct. If you experience predatory behavior, we offer free and discreet reporting via Model Alliance Support. (Read more via the link in our stories, and feel free to contact us via the support email in our profile.) Photo: Jared Siskin/GETTY

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