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Pretty pictures of guns and political commentary. 🚫NO SOLICITATIONS 🚫NO SALES OF FIREARMS 🚫NO PROMOTION OF USE Just lots of pretty pictures.

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@gunownersofamerica ・・・ The Democrats have made their position clear; they want to wipe out our Second Amendment.

My pest eradicator has been busy this week! Two kills just today alone. My @rugersofficial MKIV .22 with a @definitivearms @trijicon RMR mount and a @deadairsilencers can. It’s so quiet no one in the house hears me take out the trash on the front step. Ahh, the country life. 😂

Never forget Republicans have done as much, or more, damage to our rights in my lifetime than Democrats (not for a lack of trying on their part). Do you wonder why the 1986 machine gun ban happened? Now you know. The Republican icon was a gun grabber just like Bush 41 who became president after him and gave us the 89 import ban. Both parties will screw us IF WE BLINDLY TRUST THEM. Get political folks, a lot of bad stuff is coming at us from congress and much of it has bipartisan support. Surprise. Surprise. @gunownersofamerica

This is a @zevtech 0Z9 pistol. I’m not a big fan of what’s become known as “Gucci Glocks” and have made that fairly clear in social media over the years. However, the good folks at Zev sent me this tricked out 0Z9 (the RMR is from @coppercustom) to shoot and share my thoughts on. It shoots VERY well (second pic - 10 rounds from 10 yards). I am shooting it a lot to get a feel for it and I may compare it to some of its peers in my video. That’s yet to be decided. I will say the craftsmanship is second to none and the presentation is exceptional and useful (case). It should be given the price though. This is a T&E gun by the way, for full disclosure. More to come!

Recently @timkennedymma made an IG post about the merits of the 5.7x28 caliber out of the FiveseveN pistol. I’m not bagging on Tim, but I do want to show people that the 5.7x28 “isn’t all that”. I know that’s a steaming pile of 💩 to step in as the 5.7 fans are a vocal bunch. They will cite the performance of the virtually impossible to get EAS4 ammo (unless you buy it 2k rounds at a time on EA’s website). The vast majority of FiveseveN owners will buy over the counter, readily available, mostly affordable FN and Federal (pictured) offerings. These loads are poor choices for defensive purposes. It’s not a “rifle caliber” and commercial, non-restricted ammo offerings come no where near 3,000fps. As for penetration, the 5.7 out of a pistol is poor in most every measurable way. However, talk is one thing and hard data is another. We will supply both in an upcoming video. One more point before the 🔥begin, you have a bunch of choices for the Xtreme Defender in terms of handguns to choose from. With the 5.7 you have one (not including the CMMG Banshee AR pistol which isn’t a practical concealed carry option). Flame suit on!

Copper Custom Armament

Nailed it. @sagedynamics ・・・ It’s pretty clear when you think about it.

When looking for instruction, do your research so you don’t wind up in a class with this guy. It seems like countless new trainers pop up every day, and a some of them aren’t qualified to make you a PBJ sammich much less teach you the proper use of a firearm. Don’t waste your hard earned money... or get killed by a guy like this. 👍 @truexodus

Who else loves the Berthier rifle and Carbine? Chambered in the 8x50R (sometimes called 8x51R) the Berthier borrowed from the 1895 Steyr and its use of enbloc clips. Originally only capable of using 3 round clips, later Mle.16 versions used 5 round clips (pictured). These were to replace the 8 round Lebel tube fed rifles that preceded the Berthier in French military service.

These great words were spoken at the Battle of Lexington and Concord by Capt. John Parker to his Minutemen. We, the People, have an obligation to resist tyranny and were so tasked by our Founders. We are governed by consent. When those in power seek to shred our Constitutionally protected rights, rights we are born with and no man or woman can justifiably take from us, we have the duty to respond. However, we must use all peaceful means to stop tyrants at the ballot box. Just remember that we have a duty to perform should any politician seek to disarm us. Let’s hope and pray it doesn’t come to this but let’s not cower from our responsibility should the unthinkable take place. Beto said aloud exactly what all the socialists running for president think. Politicians must understand there are boundaries to their power, and we the People hold the ultimate power of government in our hands. To the powers that be, this is not a threat. It’s a history lesson. Let’s not repeat history. Sic Semper Tyrannis.

Here is what Beto and his ilk must consider. If the current crop of socialists candidates really think they’re going to force us to surrender our firearms, they need to look no further back in history to the Bundy Ranch incident. Americans can, and will, take a stand. If they pass some crazy Beto Bill it will get thousands of Americans killed. The police who go along with the scheme will pay a heavy price as will innocent citizens who legally purchased their constitutionally protected firearms but will refuse to surrender them. We’ve already seen massive noncompliance in Connecticut that mandated people register themselves and their firearms (second pic). Beto said out loud what they ALL want as did Feinstein back in 1995 in a 60 minutes interview. “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them in.” These politicians are playing a very dangerous game. it needs to stop. @repthomasmassie @22plinkster @iraqveteran8888_official

MAC Jr. learning the @fn_america P90 SBR with a @griffin_armament Optimus Micro silencer and @trijicon MRO shooting @federalpremium ball.

This little guy. It’s 10mm, it’s loads of fun and it’s 10mm. It’s called a “Banshee MK10” and it’s chambered in 10mm. Did I mention it’s a 10mm? Oh, and it’s made by @cmmginc. 😂

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