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Don’t Call Me Angel song and video out now! 🖤

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“I hate talkin shit but uhhhhh” *sips tea* ( j/k I love it)

First time covering Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” in Vegas last night! 🖤 My band is so fucking sick and makes it all happen! Getting to perform these songs that are the reason I started making music in the first place feels so RIGHT, FULL CIRCLE as my dad would say. I said it last night “ I play some songs for you ( the crowd) and some for me” but I think it’s important for my audience who maybe didn’t grow up listening to music with their parents , grandparents , older brothers / sisters to get exposed to some of these classics! No one should miss out on songs like these, the youth NEEDS to know what was before to understand how music got to where it is today ! I hope after hearing them at one of my shows you go and check the original because they are masterpieces .... I just do my best!

on the way to school, cheerleading practice , singing lessons, dance .... mama made me listen to @defleppard . I’m glad AF that she did. Taught me what kicking ass really means! Feeling honored to be Fem out here rockin w the big dudes. Stoked to have shared the same stage with the legends themselves! We talked about doing some shows together ! Fuck yes! Let’s do it!


Pour Some Sugar On Me @defleppard 👅🖤👅🖤

Mood for @iheartradio tonight in Vegas ♥️♣️♦️♠️

Mood forever when @lanadelrey drops her verse on 🖤 @arianagrande

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