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artist. foodist. Open studio tour, right here.

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Bar Pastoral

So glad I finally had a chance to stop in at Bar Pastoral @pastoralchicago ! Brunch with Greg was crazy good. Yes that’s a cheese and charcuterie garnished Bloody Mary ! . Greg treated us to a special dessert of L’amuse Gouda ice cream! 😮🥰 . Seriously, they put a pound of the best Gouda into every gallon of their 15th anniversary ice cream, which is nearly gone! Thanks Greg, was great to see you and the shop!!!

Elizabeth Restaurant

My visit with @dawngavin justified treating myself to a meal, or should I call it a marathon(?). . . @elizabethrestaurant_and_co fed us 16 courses of inventive, curiosity-driven passion. We had SO much fun. 🍽 . Iliana Regan and her team delivered so much, it changed our perspective on food. Some dishes : . A corn custard tart with gooseberries and caviar 😮 . Mushroom 🍄 tea that’s a top secret favorite (that I still dream about) ☕️ . Green bean tartar with creamy sous vide egg and dill flowers and ..? I forgot the other😗🌸 . Wild mushrooms, fire roasted onions skewered on conifer branches with sweet pea miso 🙌 . . Sourdough 🍞 with fermented radicchio, tomato (?) marmalade and cultured butter 👅 . Cedar ice cream topped with sugared mini pine cones over roasted cracked oats. 🌲 . Maitake mushrooms sautéed in Madeira and coated with chocolate 🍫 🍷 🍄 : 🤯 . .

Navy Pier

Chicago Art Expo ... yup , of course I found the one bit of food In a painting. . 🍰 🐒

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Stockinghall" This is 2019's highest ranked cheese in America. Winning "Best of Show" 1st place at @american_cheese_society competition, winning over 1700 other cheeses. 🏆🧀 . Part of a "Cavemaster" collection, this cheddar is Murry's first cheese developed from original recipe through the cave aging process. In 2014 Cave master Peter Jenkelunas coordinated with dairy scientists, all alumni of Cornell University, to produce this clothbound cheddar. Murry's is a famous cheese retailer in NYC and with Kroger Markets, their reach has become national. This cheese is named for"Stocking Hall" the the Department of Food Science of Cornell University in Ithaca, responible for magical developments in agricultural and food industries in the state; essentially it's New York's "Hogwarts" of cheese! 🐮 🔮 🥛 . The new born wheels get transferred from Old Chatham Creamery to Murry's aging caves in Long Island City, NY . There, the head cave master Peter Jenkelunas and his team take custody and care of these precious wheels for a year before they become the champion cheddars they are now. It's remarkable that both Best of show 1st and 2nd cheeses are tied to Cornell and to Old Chatham Creamery. It's a remarkable cheddar, with bright lemony and cave influenced flavors. I really enjoyed the range of color and depth the has to offer. It's truly delicious and if you get access to a Murry's counter, I would recommend it be on your shopping list.-- . . prints available soon, at: . . .

Happily... sold. 🧀🖼 . . See the 👻?

Burger Heaven

We gather to celebrate a sacred day, 🍔 🍔 . 🙏 amen✨

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Tunnock’s Teacake” print available for all you ... 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 fans fans

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Cravero Parmigiano Reggiano Wedge” was the first painting to sell at the show at @thelodgeatwoodloch , so now the print is available for walls worldwide! . . The ! @parmigianoreggiano 💛 . 🎨 👑 🧀 🇮🇹 . .

Sulimay's Restaurant

When you’re self employed you can have breakfast at a breakfast cafe 🧐 🍳 . . Yup, them ain’t bad . [in the voice of Charles Winchester the 3rd] . 🤔 , Photo credit @markhbarnhart

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

flashback 🧀 🗓🎨 💛 . I’m about to start designing my 5th calendar! Holy moly! . This was my first, back in 2016 . Private message me if you’re interested in one or if you are a store interested in retail. I’m going to be more careful about how many I order this year due to costs of the high quality I prefer. If you’ve had one the last few years, you know I went with a heavy paper, rich full color printer in the USA. . Give a shout for requests. I hope to paint a couple more models before I send this off to the printer in October. 😁 . Have a great week y’all.

The Lodge at Woodloch -- A Destination Spa

Another great consumption match. The chef sent out a wheel of “Abala Tierno Honey + Rosmary” to taste as exhibition guests feast their eyes on the . .

The Lodge at Woodloch -- A Destination Spa

Last night, cheese meets cheese please. Taste and tasty. via @rothcheese ❤️🧀

The Lodge at Woodloch -- A Destination Spa

Nancy and Camilla of Kiesendahl + Calhoun Fine Art, Ltd. presented my work wonderfully at The Lodge at a Woodloch. The opening was great and I had such good time meeting and talking with so many fun people! . Kate Manire’s work was the perfect compliment to mine; it’s a great exhibition! It’s up until December so if you’re stopping near Hawley, PA at this luxury spa resort, stop in to see the show; they’ll let you visit that for free. . More photos to come , the food paired with the art, by the chef Josh Thomson was absolutely 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼. . .

Calkins Creamery

Finally got to meet Emily Montgomery the award winning aka @calkinscreamery in Honesdale, PA. Emily’s cheeses are amazingly good and as usual, I find the quality matches the maker. Emily is truly a pleasure to meet. . Her won 1st place at the @american_cheese_society conference competition this year and I can attest, these are super squeaky!!! So delicious; thanks Emily! .

The Lodge at Woodloch -- A Destination Spa

Exhibition opens tomorrow at The Lodge at Woodloch. You’re ALL invited. @thelodgeatwoodloch .

Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania

Roughing it in the mountains 😉 Cheese lunch : chèvre, crottin, bleu de basque, Rudi by @boxcarrhandmadecheese and Fingerlake Gold from @livelyrundairy. . . 🧀❤️

Viking Mill

Goodbye, lil darlings 🎵💔😉 . Packing 44 paintings for the show. Hopefully they don’t all come back; sometimes you want your babies to venture and explore the world. 👋🏼 🎨🍣🍞🥖🍭🧁🍫🧀 .

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