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Superhero trainer @donsaladino shows you how to safely perform one of the best ab workouts for your back. (Link in bio)


Never forget the classics. One of the safest ab moves you can do is the dead bug, demonstrated here by @donsaladino. The key to the move: drive your lower back into the ground by contracting your abs hard. Want more info on the move? Click the link in our bio. And don’t forget to check out Don on our @alloutstudio app RG: @donsaladino

Los Angeles, California

What’s on @charlieputh’s workout playlist? How has focusing on fitness improved his creative process as a songwriter? Find out on the latest episode of by clicking the link in bio.

Men's Health Magazine

Yes, you can sculpt a six-pack once you hit the big 5-0. (Link in bio)


Struggling with tight ? Try this modified pigeon stretch from @donsaladino, creator of our new Superhero Shred program on the It’s easier than the standard pigeon stretch but just as effective at opening your . Hold each rep for 5 good breaths; think of doing 3 to a side and make sure to check out Don on @alloutstudio. RG: @donsaladino

Muppet Show Studios

Kermit the Frog is nearly 65 years old and still putting in work. What’s your excuse? 🐸💪 RG: @kermitthefrog

Men's Health Magazine

@gamechangersmovie is heavy on the plants, but light on scientific context. (Link in bio)

Ready for a vicious push-day crusher? Try this sequence from @jeremyscottfitness. Moves below, and use lighter dumbbells than your instincts may say! ************************************* -12 floor presses, then sit up into 12 seated overhead presses -immediately shift back to the floor for 11 floor presses, then 11 seated overheads -keep it going, all the way to 1 floor press and 1 overhead press -rest as needed so you can keep doing quality reps but try to keep rest short. -enjoy the burn RG: @jeremyscottfitness

Mix up leg day with this Landmine Squat Step from @davidscottpt. Most of your standard leg day moves have you readying your to move in one direction, forwards. But your can also move laterally. You concentrate on that with this exercise, and you get to do it while also working to hold the landmine setup upright the whole time. Aim for 3 sets of 6 reps of this in your next leg sesh! RG: @davidscottpt

Off-grid living has never looked so good. (Link in bio)

Looking to build a big, strong back? Try this 4-move workout from @ebenezersamuel23, and if you like his style also check out his program on our new @alloutstudio app, which is loaded with workouts for all situations. Moves below, details in audio: ************************ 1) dumbbell row: 8-12 reps (work to a heavy good-form weight), 4 sets 2) two-step chin-up dropset: 4-6 two-step reps, then standard reps til tech failure. 4 sets 3) incline row dropset: 6-8 reps heavy, then 6-8 reps half-iso controlled eccentric. 4 sets 4) uneven grip inverted row: 8-10 reps. 4 sets ***********************

The Club Hearst

Have 5 minutes? Then you have time for this anytime-anywhere hollow countdown core session from @ebenezersamuel23 and @lizplosser. It'll have you rolling around on the floor and building your abs, obliques, and in the process. Moves below, details in the audio: ******************************* -5 hollow rocks, gator roll right (without letting your and arms help you roll), then 5 Supermans - roll back to hollow for 4 hollow rocks, then roll left and do 4 Supermans - follow the pattern until you've done 1 rock and 1 Superman - rest 1 minute, repeat 3 times ******************************** Want more core work like this? Check out Samuel’s New Rules of Muscle program on the @alloutstudio app, which is loaded with workouts for every situation

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