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On a mission to get a barbell in every woman’s hands. 🏆 Stronger by the Day @strongstrongfriends 🏋️‍♀️ @strongstrongsupply 🥵 JOIN MY PROGRAM!👇

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What’s your go-to pose? 1️⃣ or 2️⃣ ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ PS: our next block of training on drops on Sunday! Next week we’ll start a 5 week block dedicated to peaking and prepping for a 1 Rep Max Test! This is great for anyone who wants to run a peaking protocol for seeing what they’re made of - and a perfect way for intermediate lifters to take stock of where they are strength wise (notice how we’re doing this around the same time as USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals! 😉😉). Great time to get into our program and starting the fresh block NOW! Join today for just $8/mo. Link in bio. - Photo by @3muh

Los Angeles, California

Hi friends! There are some newbies here, so I wanted to say hello and introduce myself with 5 random facts about yours truly: 1️⃣ My lifting journey started almost 7 years ago with crossfit 😮. That evolved into competing in bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting and strongman. I’ve always been competitive, and always motivated with contests and dates to keep me on track. It’s been almost a year since I’ve competed - right now focusing on lifting for fun and health. 2️⃣ I love to read books 📚 about rich people problems (Crazy Rich Asians, Big Little Lies, The Husband’s Secret). I’m trying to get through Reese Witherspoon’s book club at the moment and now reading Little Fires Everywhere. Breaking out of my rich people problems genre a bit, but loving it so far. 3️⃣ I grew up in Akron, Ohio. My parents split when I was a baby, and when I was a pre-teen my dad moved to New York City. My grandparents ran a church in St. Marks Place and they lived above it (its still there), so I got to spend summers there helping them run a free coffeehouse for the homeless. I’m sure those summers are what inspired me to get out of my hometown and dre of living in a big city 🌃 4️⃣ My favorite high school extra curricular was yearbook. I made sure to put a photo of myself in every spread of the yearbook. This was a time before instagr - I had to get myself out there… (lol I’m seriously sorry to anyone who I went to high school with). 5️⃣ I’m recently engaged to the LOML @ryan_espiritu. We’ve been together for almost 6 years and have built our businesses together. He’s the smartest person I’ve ever met in my life. Not sure I’d be able to do it without him ♥️♥️ We don’t have any wedding details planned… like nada. It all seems so expensive and overwhelming, so I’m taking my time before we go down that rabbit hole.

👌 New Programming for the week is up on Stronger by the Day! DEAR SBD Members: I want to hear from you here! Let me know how things are going with the program, if you have any questions or if you have any success stories to share. I love seeing all your comments and posts in our private Facebook Group, but maybe this is a good way to connect with each other on the gram. PS: for anyone not on Stronger by the Day, we just released our FREE SAMPLE WEEK! You get a taste of what our programming is about and an opportunity to see our platform and the features we offer. This is all 100% FREE, so click the link in my bio to try it out.

Workout done and I’m ready for the weekend. 🥰 jk I’m editing for the next 6 hours but we’ve got some good videos coming up. Thank you for all the love on today’s video ♥️♥️ - Top is @nike

Oh hay 👋

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

We’ve got 4 months left in the year and 4 months until the 2010’s are over (yeah - read that again). How will you remember this last decade of your life? - We are on our 7th day of camping! I’ve taken 1 real shower, 3 river baths, and many rounds of hand wipes 🧻 🤢. Been nice to get out of my element and try something new. Thanks for all the tips from you all! Best part is the food 😍 @ryan_espiritu


Just posted a beginner gym guide on YouTube! If you’re someone who isn’t sure where to start in the gym, or how to implement a general progression into your training - THEN WATCH THIS VIDEO! In it we include: 1️⃣ how to work UP to barbell lifting and which movements to start with before you’re ready to start lifting with a bar. 2️⃣ How to progress with a simple program so you’re always moving things forward. Putting you in control with a free program (included and excel sheet shown in the video). 3️⃣ which movements are best for overall strength and general physical preparedness. Not focusing too much energy on prepping you to compete, but instead building a base of strength. I think you all will love the new style mixed with some of the gym shots you love while we demo every movement for you. Save this video and try the program if you’re lost on how to get started with building strength. OR if you’re getting back into the gym after some time off. OR you could even try it if you feel like you’re ready for a reset. We encourage our Stronger by the Day lifters to join when they’re comfortable with a barbell - so if you don’t quite feel there yet, then this is a good primer to get you started in the program. If you’re feeling frisky - you could join Stronger by the Day and use the substitutions in this video to sub while you work your way up. 🤪🤪 Hope you all like the video! Linked in my bio!

Antelope Island State Park

Finished mile 9 of my “run a mile a day” challenge. I’m hoping to get to 30 days in a row. Antelope Island, Utah is GORGEOUS but holy there are a lot of bugs and flies and gnats. Woke up thinking 🤔 💭 “maybe I should do my run later” and then had the realization: It is literally never a perfect (or even good) time to run 🏃‍♀️😂 there are never perfect conditions to train, or run, or work. But we get up and do it anyway - hoping there’s something worth it on the other side.

Zion National Park

🇺🇸🤠Howdy 🤠🇺🇸 serious question for all my non-American friends. I know there are tons of bad stereotypes of Americans - but what are the good ones?? Randomly thought of this today (there are so many foreign tourists here - and if this is what they think the USA is like I’d assume they think we’re all cowboys) pls comment if there are any. Please god I hope there’s at least one.🤪🙏

Seven Magic Mountains

Let’s all take a moment to congratulate @ryan_espiritu on his photography skills 🥰🥰🥰 first pit stop on our cping trip. Guess where we’re headed 🏕⛰🏔 - Jeans are the BDG Girlfriend Jean High Rise from @urbanoutfitters - I have them in every color I could find. 10/10 and they’re comfortable enough for me to wear on a road trip. WHO AM I

Jus blendin in over here. IM GOING ON MY FIRST BIG CAMPING TRIP MONDAY 😜😱😱😱😱 I’m 31 and have never been camping other than a 1 night stay on the beach this month. If you have camping tips or recipes - this city girl appreciates 😱🥳😋🥰

🌟 My North Star 🌟 - If you've been around for a while, you know that I have one mission: to get a barbell in every woman's hands. That's it. It's my North Star, and it guides me through every decision. 💫 - Every day I'm grateful to do what I do, and I couldn't be more excited to continue to make strength training more approachable. Thank you to everyone who has ever watched a video, commented on a post, or sent me a message; your support has kept me moving forward and working towards my goal. 🏋️‍♀️ - Finally, an extra special thanks to all my Stronger by the Day lifters--whether you're an OG or you just joined this week (welcome!). One of the things I'm most proud of is increasing accessibility and removing as many barriers to entry as possible within our collective pursuit of strength. I love being able to build a community, create resources, and write badass programming, all while removing cost as a significant limiting factor. If you haven't joined yet, it's not too late to hop in to the new cycle that kicked off this week -- the link to sign up is in my bio, and cost is just $8/mo.

Taking some time to work with lighter weights and really dial in my form. Ryan and I had a long conversation about my motivation and where I mentally in regards to training at the moment. Definitely a big goal of mine is to work on myself and take care of being able to move weights well. 😜😇 My garage gym is just about the dirtiest thing in the world, so after lifting and touching everything I make sure that I’m getting rid of all the dirt and sweat on my face using the LUNA 3 cleansing and firming massager by lovely Swedish brand @foreo. It's my secret weapon for clear, glowing skin. TY @foreo.for partnering with me! Full Workout: 1️⃣ Squat 2x6, then 1x6+ 2️⃣ Hip Thrust 3x20 @ RPE 6-7 3️⃣ B-Stance DB RDL 3x8/side 4️⃣ DB Box Step Ups 3x10/side 5️⃣ Stiff Leg DL 3x8 6️⃣ Leg Extension 3x12 7️⃣ Side Plank Raise 3x7/side 🧖‍♀️ FOREO LUNA 3, 4x15sec/area 🧖‍♀️ "

Killer Hair

Little lighter and a little shorter 😜 who’s been here since I used to DYE MY HAIR JET BLACK?! Lol what were we thinking?

Los Angeles, California

Bit of a fun wild card for this post today. Anytime I post a demo of PVC pass throughs, I either get “HOLY SHET I JUST CRINGED SO HARD 🤮” or “wow I wish I had your shoulder mobility. 😲” There is no in-between lol. So I wanted to post a routine and a few tips on how I’m able to perform the shoulder dislocate so well. I hate when people call them shoulder dislocates by the way… but nonetheless. Couple of notes before you start any of my warm-ups in the gym and things to consider: I have a high Beighton Score (this is one test used to test hyper mobility syndrome): although I don’t quite reach a score that considers me ‘hyper mobile’ I double jointed in my thumbs 👍👎 and generally have a wide range of motion naturally. With that, I go to yoga 🧘‍♀️ now, and I’m one of the least mobile, flexible in class regularly. I don’t recommend placing too much focus on your mobility or flexibility compared to someone else’s. We are all different. I’ve been performing the PVC pass through for years - about 6. It is in my daily warm-up and I find it and the around the world (demo in my swipe) to be a great full stretch and wake up routine to get me going. The PVC pass through isn’t for everyone and its definitely not necessary. It probably won’t add much to your total, but can help shoulder and chest flexibility and range of motion. Here are some tips on how to improve it: 1️⃣ Use a band or rope (non rigid implement) to get moving. This will favor your shoulders and still help you work the ROM. 2️⃣ Start ultra wide. Even better if you can find a longer band, rope, or PVC pipe. The wider your grip, the easier you’ll find it. Slowly graduate to a more narrow grip over time. 3️⃣ It might take years. This exercise is not challenging, so just incorporating it into your training warm-up for a few reps over time can bring results. I know this one is random, but wanted to disclose and explain my freaky PVC pass throughs for those of you who are interested!

When you look at your training for the week, and see that Pause Front Squats are still programmed 😳☠️ - New Stronger by the Day programming for the week is live! If you haven't been following, we write training over 4-6 month long macrocycles, broken up into shorter training blocks. That means we can take 3-steps forward, 1-step back over and over. This week's training is the start of a new block that will be focused on ramping up and pushing our strength work, with lots of opportunities to set new PRs along the way. That means that RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to join!

"Strength is never a weakness" - @marksmellybell says this quote and it always hits home for me. Every once in a while, I get questions asking what someone should do if they are training strictly for aesthetic goals and have zero intention of competing. The thing is, a lot of the people who ask this kind of question would make the most hypertrophic (muscle-building) progress with a more dedicated strength plan backing their training. - Regardless of your goal, more often than not, strength will get you there. Want to get jacked? Great! Stronger lifts = greater load for volume sets, which will have a greater stimulus for building muscle. Want to lose fat while retaining that hard-earned muscle? No problem! Bigger numbers means greater training tonnage (weight x reps x sets) = higher energy expenditure within your training sessions. - Now, this doesn't mean that you should be in full time meet prep mode chasing new 1RMs all the time... But a dedicated strength cycle after a higher volume accumulation block may be just the push you need to reach your goals 📈 - With that in mind, it's time to make a bigger strength push. Our Stronger by the Day crew has been killing it in training 🏆and now is when we really step on the gas. Our next couple programming blocks will be climbing up in weight as we build up to hit new PRs and have the option to retest our maxes. If your goal is to get strong and/or jacked as f*ck, now's the time to join. New block of training off on Monday, and it's just $8/mo to join by clicking the link in my bio. LETS GOOOOOO 😡😡😡 - Photo by @3muh

YouTube Space LA

💄 MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL IS GETTING A MAKEOVER! 💄 5 years ago, my channel started as a place to upload random lifting clips. It eventually evolved into a fitness vlogging channel, and then over the years transformed into more informative and instructional videos to get people inspired and educated on how to get strong. Its hard to be 100% proud of the videos you write, produce, star in, direct, edit, and sometimes film yourself. There’s always something you could have done better. Always a shot you missed on production day, or something you meant to say but forgot. In my case, I usually have to edit out 1,000 instances of ‘uhhhh’ ‘ummm’ or ‘like.’ Evolving the channel has been a weird journey of uncertainty. I’ve tried to build a te around growing it (never quite worked). Tried trends that I thought would work well and failed. And made videos that to me, had no point whatsoever. Over the past few months, we’ve gotten more intentional with the channel. Ryan and I have invested more planning into pre-production, and have been treating it more like a JOB. I’ve been able to start making videos at the @YouTube offices and studios, and learning more and more about what it takes to make something to be proud of. Thanks to all of you who have seen me through growing pains. I can’t guarantee they’re over, but Ryan and I are more excited than ever about where we’re headed. It’s a perfect combination of my personality, regular antics, and solid informational content on how to lift and get more swoll. The focus is always to get a barbell in more hands - so hopefully improvements with the channel will make that easier. We’ll be bringing back your favorite series and topics, so 🏆 Train Like a Pro and Lifter Interviews will be making a comeback in future seasons. Tomorrow we launch our first video with the new plan, and we’re really stoked to share it with ya. We’ll be keeping the se schedule of new videos every ‪Friday morning‬. We can’t wait to hear your feedback and hope you like where we’re taking things. This is the set we’re trying out for now. LMK if you like the pink or the blue 😉 I guess bonus points if you can guess what tomorrow’s video is on.

Los Angeles, California

Just some good ole fashioned deadlifts. I still have no interest competing in my usually annual powerlifting meet BUT I definitely want to compete in something this fall to get the juices flowing and focus in on a short term goal. WHAT SHOULD I DO? Strongman? Weightlifting? Throw things for sport? Let me know. The more bizarre the better. 🥇🥈🥉🏅🏆🎖

Los Angeles, California

If you’ve been around awhile, you know that I used to avoid hip s 🍑 like the MOTHER FREAKING PLAGUE 😷 I hated them. Never quite clicked with the movement or the setup, and found them ful to perform, a in the to set up and simply not worth the effort. I was doing all the things wrong, so decided to take some time and learn and practice over the past few months. Definitely has nothing to do with the fact that I met @soheefit and @bretcontreras1 not too long ago 😅😅 Here are some tips condensed from watching technique videos and playing around with my form over the past few months: 1️⃣ LOOK STRAIGHT: I used to think that I was supposed to pivot off of the contact point on my surface. Instead, lock your head, neck, and shoulders into place, moving only from the ribs down. Tuck your chin and keep your eyes looking forward. 2️⃣ MOVEMENT IS FROM THE RIBS DOWN: Don’t pivot or seesaw off of the surface moving the your entire upper and head with your hip (similar to the cue above, but this is my most important technique cue, so excuse my redundancy). Try to lock your head, neck, shoulders, and eyes to look forward through the entire movement. 3️⃣ PELVIC TILT: Increase glute activation at the top with a posterior pelvic tilt. Squeeze the at the top, and increase intensity with a pause at the top. 4️⃣ WALK YOUR SHOULDERS UP HIGHER ON THE BENCH: The standard bench isn’t ideal for my height (I’m 5’3”), so if you’re close in height to me, you may need to walk your shoulders up to get in a better position. A good target is to make contact just below your shoulder blades. There are other pieces of equipment you can use, but this is all I’ve got. In this position, your plates probably won’t touch the ground, so keep that in mind. 5️⃣ SHINS PERPENDICULAR TO THE FLOOR (at the top): At the top of your rep, make sure shins are perpendicular. This combined with all my other cues will give you a shorter range of motion. I was uming the hip would be far longer of an ROM than what it really is. Definitely stole a lot of these cues from @bretcontreras1 @krissycela and @soheefit will link favs in my story!

Valley View Preserve

🥾 Adventure Gal 🥾 - Wrapping up birthday festivities with some HIKING. This quick little camping trip came at the perfect time - it’s Deload Week on Stronger by the Day! 👀 - After a hard few weeks of lifting, I’m usually ready to take my foot off the gas pedal, mix things up, and set myself up for a great next block of training. 📈 - I know it can be hard to take a step back when things are feeling solid... but that doesn’t mean training and physical activities have to be boring 🙅‍♀️. Deload week — when training volumes and intensity are at their lowest — is my favorite time to push non-gym activities. Hiking, biking, swimming, snowboarding, climbing, and yoga are always on my list. 🏃‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏊‍♀️🏂🧗‍♀️🧘‍♀️ - Taking a break from the demands of training with some low impact and low stress movement and activity can be the perfect way to set yourself up for long term training success. If you have a hard time going in the gym and NOT pushing yourself, try out a new activity, get sweaty, and have fun (all while allowing your to recover). 💃 - And of course, if you’ve been waiting for the next Deload week to join — programming for the week is up! This week is the perfect time to sign up, giving you time to get registered, check out the website, and dip your into training before the new cycle off next Monday. Link to join us in my bio, just $8/mo with no monthly commitment!

Santa Barbara, California

How do you stay on track while going out to eat so much? If you’re feeling stressed about eating at restaurants, here are a handful of my tips: 1️⃣ We don’t worry about it on certain days: birthdays, anniversaries, thanksgiving, Christmas, and to nurse your new year’s hangover. Or whatever holiday you celebrate and prefer. We are having a last celebration for my birthday, so this photo is an example of that 🤤 2️⃣ Base your order around protein. Grab the steak, chicken, salmon, or tofu based simple dishes. Get a side of veggies and ask to swap your potatoes 🥔 or 🍟 for a 2nd serving of veggies. I’m impressed with your will if you’re able to do that one. 3️⃣ Certain cuisines are leaner, simpler and traditionally cooked or prepared with less fat and fewer calories. When planning a night out, think about Japanese, Mediterranean, Seafood or a Steakhouse. Italian and Mexican restaurants are some of my favorite, but usually come with free bread or chips. So if you’re going out and know that you can’t say no to chips + guacamole before you even order (lol me), then consider another option that avoids FOMO.

Los Angeles, California

Hi from me and my dent 😂 yep I have a dent on my right cheek. It’s been there since I can remember, and I believe it’s from a shot I got when I was a baby. This is a part of my that I can easily hide, but it’s noticeable in light colored pants or dresses and of course... ultra cheeky bikini bottoms🍑 I don’t think it’s necessary to embrace, find beauty in, or even fully accept our perceived flaws. What is necessary: Truly believing that we have more to offer the world than just looking a certain way. I think my dent became less annoying as I became more interesting. Only when I accepted that I had a of a lot to offer the world, did I start to believe that my imperfections were a speck of dust compared to what really mattered. So here’s my dent. I don’t hate it. I also don’t really love it. It’s slightly embarrassing because I do work hard to have a nice ... but the dent will always be there. Life goes on. Ok now I know you’re out there. Pls tell me if you have a dent 😂 neutrality Photo by @3muh (she said the dent is kinda cute 😉😉)

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