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2016-17-18-19 Crossfit Games Champ| UVM Mechanical Engineering |@Nike|@RogueFitness|@compexusa|@cellucor @xtend|@gowod_mobilityfirst|@steadymd|@beam

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Well, that was a pretty fun morning with @craigmelvinnbc on the @todayshow. - 📸Mike Smith/ TODAY

Find yourself a partner that will help you achieve your goals one day and then help you frame in a door the next. This lady is always by my side helping, no matter what the project is. @sammymoniz -

When @shaneorr01 says it’s time to get back to the gym... -

Progress. Chipping away one day at a time. -

No lazy Sundays here.. get up, get that heart fluttering and get after today’s projects. - I always have fun on the road seeing new places but this is the biggest perk of being home. My home set-up perched on a custom @roguesupplyco table. Currently working my way through an Ethiopian bean from @briocoffeeworks - @lamarzocco @lamarzoccohome

After a week on the road, its nice to have some time back at the barn to hopefully finish up a few projects before traveling again. Always great when @iamtylerarmstrong stops by to check on my work / progress. -

❗️RAFFLE ❗️ - The @ultimatehawaiiantrailrun in 2018 was such a cool experience. From the run itself to the time spent with the kids at the gym, it’s a trip we’ll always remember. As someone who got sober at a young age, I know how important having a supportive network is. The @kealafoundation believes through community they can equip people with the tools to be successful and overcome any challenge. - I’m raffling off a Games Jersey to help boost my fundraising page. Raffle closes on 9/16! LINK IN BIO - @kealafoundation

Back to training also means back to mobility work, and can be summarized in 3 words: EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. - @gowod_mobilityfirst

Why @steadymd? Because I’m not going to risk sub-par training. -- If I’m able to be sick less frequently throughout the year, that adds up and it makes a HUGE difference for me. If I get a cold once every couple of months, then that makes my training subpar for 4,5,6 days. If I do that a couple of times a year then I just made a whole month of my training subpar. I’ve learned the importance of personal health and see the value in keeping my immune system healthy with the help of my @steadymd doctor. Healthcare isn't just sick care. It's preventing illness. -- When I was younger I thought that I could out-train a bad diet or a poor sleep schedule. Now, I understand the value in doing warm-ups, cool-downs, sleeping well, and having a doctor on call to KEEP me healthy. Working with my @steadymd doctor who’s also a CrossFitter makes a huge difference for me. Click on the link in my bio to take their quiz and get matched to the right doctor for you.

US Open Tennis Championships

Excited to watch my first live tennis match. I wasn’t planning on making the trip, but because @tiaclair1 and @sammymoniz are over in Austria having a fun time, @shaneorr01 and I decided to have some fun of our own.

You can’t buy good neighbors, but if you could, I’d pay big bucks for this one. - Loving the long days at the Barn. No plans to turn it into anything, just enjoying the work put in to preserve what’s there.

Crushing the “cool uncle” game. - @tylerarmstrongmasonry @klc888sc

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