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“We must never confuse elegance with snobbery” YVES SAINT LAURENT, Ritz, no. 85 Django Sorrenti, the study,late night N.Y.

Thank you Robert Frank for inspiring us all. Wishing you a safe journey. Robert Frank/ Photographer/The Americans/Swiss born but a true New Yorker

A R S U N “Dead Sixty Six “ New Single available on all platforms now Including @spotify / link into bio above Congratulations @arsunmusic

Lars a muffin you’re so 🍒 Happy Birthday Beautiful Friend @larsbeau pic @mario_sorrenti

Vacation has officially ended at Holy Mountain. Till next time 🐜♥️🐜

What is Labor Day ? Picture From several weeks ago.. Domingo Candelaria, a registered immigrant outside of the food processing plant in Mississippi where he works and was stopped by ICE to show his papers. Studying this picture I see a gentle hard working man who’s back hurts and loves the idea of being accepted by America and it’s people. But instead Domingo is being cornered to produce papers that legitimize him. Proof that he is worthy to be in the US - proof that he is able to work grueling hours for probably shit pay so he can provide for his family and send home a little money where his elderly mother remains in the country he had to leave because of violence, lack of work or oppression. Maybe I’m wrong but I doubt it . Instead our country and it’s crooked system shame humiliate and devalue people that are trying to make a better life, who need help and are good people. These people are scared and are living in fear of being rejected and demonized while their families are being torn apart. All while we sit and watch and throw stones. Everyone deserves love dignity compassion and respect. I love America but it’s Morally and Politically Bankrupt and it needs a serious intervention. and his inhuman heartless grotesque practice and put a stop to his pathetic wall of oppression. Support Goodness, intelligence, compassion and the power to educate not humiliate. Happy Labor Day Mr. Domingo Candelaria. You deserve a couple of days off and a nice cold beer. Welcome to America, the home of the supposedly free and the brave. 🗽

Thankful Lazy Lions Dread Lion Lee Scratch Perry & The Upsetters featuring The Heptones @lee_scratch_perry 🔥 Respect

L♥️L A Happy Birthday @motherfuture

Dedicated Feminine Hygiene Voodoo Cabinet. Not all girls are so lucky to have the luxury of buying tampons and pads every month. Many young girls and women around the world go without these basic necessities every month during their periods. There are good non-profit organization that are providing women with these items - @pads4Girls @consiousperiod @corawomen @thepadproject .. are a few organizations who are joining the fight to educate girls on their periods and provide free kits to get them through their monthly periods with dignity and no fear. Please donate to these organization and others who provide these incredible services. All girls and women in need have the right to have these products for free . It’s a basic human right. Please add to the list - your organization of choice. Song by Electric light orchestra “evil women”.

They already own us !!! The smart ones aren’t on this damn machine. 📡 but Go vote and make a real difference !! Power to the people, the planet, all human rights, animals rights, health care, immigration, gun control, right to choose, No Illegal search and arrest, good education, housing, healthy food, good music, saving seed, protect the rainforest,the ocean and don’t litter etc etc etc etc etc and weed won’t kill you but smoking the Juel probably will. Trump Go Suck it

We found this nugget meowing by a garbage can in Spain two years ago today. He was a scrappy little thing with an upper respiratory infection, a runny eye and worms. With a lot of love and care we all nursed him back to health, named him Django, got him a european passport and brought him back to NY. 2 years later he’s healthy happy,gets lots of lovin and gives so some much in return. He made me into a crazy cat lady and made me more conscious. Happy Ferragosto August 15 . Save an animal by adopting or rescuing , they will change your life . I love @wolfgang2242 He adopts senior dogs and he’s an angel. Adopt senior dogs and also consider a pit bull if you can. # While on the subject of saving and protecting!!! Try to stay away from foods that use palm oil or at least support companies that use sustainable palm oil. Palm oil production is killing the population by wiping out their natural habitat leaving them to starve. are dying rapidly because of this. Palm oil is in practically everything, especially junk food like Oreos, Kit Kats, Twix and Nutella . It’s in popular dog foods and also cleaning supplies. Check the labels before you buy

Hittin it and Happy


Me & Javs “good style” was very very kind to us 📷🇯🇵 @chrisbrownstylist @punkerpat featuring Western Hyrodynamic Reserch @tomsachs family fanny Mars sneaks Mary’s own rags @iamjaviervillegas no entrance bathhouse Inked & not allowed, always in black & Patagonia shorts 🇯🇵 Permit + Sapporo

He rolled him over, gently picked him up and placed him in the garden.

Happy Birthday Satan @tomsachs

HBD Maestro

The flys are getting bigger and bigger

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