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The handmade, the homemade, the artful, the innovative, the practical, and the beautiful. Find recipes and more at the link below:

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With a fresh and spicy homemade broth and an array of colorful and crunchy toppings, here's a soup to warm up those chilly fall evenings. This recipe uses a whole bird, making it not only a satisfying meal, but an economical one too. Starting with a cut up whole chicken helps prevent meat from overcooking. Ask your butcher to cut it into parts or follow our guide. Grab the recipe at the link in bio!👆🏼📷: Marcus Nilsson | recipe + food styling by: @shirabocar | prop styling by: @tanyagraff1

It's that time of the season! 🍎 For this week's , we're going back to @marthastewart48's Bedford farm, where each fall, our founder takes out a hand-crank press to turn her bushels of apples (that grow on her dozens of apple trees) into fresh cider. Swipe the gallery and visit the link in bio to get her guide to pressing your own apple cider. 👆🏼📷: @paolaandmurray

Rinsing chicken inside and out before cooking has been the norm for many home cooks, a step often called for in recipes and passed down through generations. But is it really necessary? And can it cause more harm than good? Learn more at the link in bio. 👆🏼

Serve up a batch of these savory cheddar biscuits and watch them disappear! Grab the full recipe at the link in bio. 👆🏼

Beer lovers, this idea is for you! 🍻 Instead of a signature cocktail, have signature brews served from a custom craft beer station. For an extra touch of personalization, this couple even added their hashtag to the display. So pour yourself a pint, and head over to the link in bio to see more creative drink stations for your big day via @martha_weddings. 📷: @jen_rodriguez | 🌸: @blairduganfloraldesign | 📋: @tylerspeier

Here’s a mid-week pick-me-up, courtesy of @ryanmccallister1, Martha’s head gardener. 🌸 Let these fluffy Cafe Au Lait dahlias brighten your day, and check out more of these blooms at the garden over on our Stories! 👆🏼

Looking to transform your bedroom into a tranquil retreat? Interior designer @briahammelinteriors gave this bedroom a calming makeover with soothing shades of blue, green, and taupe. "This space did a complete 180 and in the best way," she says. "We wanted to take this room and make it the calm, relaxing oasis that our clients deserve! With a few coats of paint and new furniture and accessories, this room quickly became our favorite master bedrooms ever." Check out the full home tour at the link in bio! 📷: @spacecrafting_photography | interior design by: @briahammelinteriors

If a dinosaur cake is what the little one wants, then we’ve got an easy DIY project that even the kids can help with! 🦕 Grab a handful of birthday-candle holders and some prized figurines: protoceratopses, sharks, unicorns. Snip the spikes off the bottom of the holders, glue the bases to the tops of the toys, and insert candles. Arrange them on a cake iced with our fudgy three-ingredient frosting, and make everyone's wishes come true. Get the frosting recipe and more ideas for creative birthday cake toppers at the link in bio. 📷: @kirstenrfrancis | recipe + food styling by: @flossylucille | prop styling by: @naomidemanana

Originally designed for status and showmanship, the low-water, low-maintenance plot at the Arizona Garden in Palo Alto is a beacon of sustainability and awe-inspiring greenery. 🌵 Here, an Agave parryii displays its captivating rosette form and sharp black spines. Take a tour of the expansive desert grounds featuring otherworldly plants like enormous agaves and towering yuccas at the link in bio. 📷: @caitlinatkinson_photography | ✍🏼: @jojosilver

Udon creates the perfect base for Martha & @marleyspoon's bold sauce, a combination of tamari, butter, scallions & aromatic basil. Crispy tofu and eggplant are coated in a tangy-sweet miso glaze for a meatless dinner that is bursting with texture and flavor. Learn more at the link in bio!

If you're looking to stunt the growth of a handful of stubborn weeds, this is a natural homemade solution that can help solve the problem! Learn more at the link in bio. 👆🏼

In our new October issue, @marthastewart48 shows us how to replicate her favorite faux-bois effect in our homes. "I first became enamored with faux bois (French for "false wood") when I purchased Skylands, my home in Maine. The house sits high atop a knoll known as Ox Hill, and is surrounded by tall trees. When we look out the large leaded windows, it feels like we're actually living in the forest, among evergreens. To play up this effect while adding an element of natural beauty to my traditional furnishings, I decided to decorate with faux-bois pieces—that is, items that resemble tree trunks, branches, or bark—made from a variety of materials." Swipe the gallery to see how Martha brought the elegant look to the walls of her Bedford home, using a surprisingly simple technique and one genius tool, and pick up a copy of our October issue out on newsstands (or visit the link in bio) to learn more! 📷: @johnny_miller_

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