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🆗🆒 👩🏻‍💻 creative direction / photography, design, merch & pop-up shops 📍 los angeles 📪

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note to self: you dropped out then you came up 🦋

“what have you been up too ?” @skrillex @jas @liamunderwood @coughs @teamezy @nicoledelrio @owsla !!! 📹 full video on

🤯🤯🤯 can’t believe this is real... literally my dream come true to be apart this “Shot on iPhone” campaign with the homie @skrillex !!!! 📸📲🖤


felt cute might delete later

happy birthday @tiannag ❤️ thanks for sharing your cake with me 😋 love u!

@owslagoods — shot by @coughs & styled by @marilyn.hue 🖤🔥⛓

this year is ending on an incredible note! thank you @goldiecylon for the opportunity to give advice on @forbes — also thank you @skrillex for giving me the platform to shine in a new light, i’m forever greatful! (check out @thundercup on there too 🤪 link in bio)

weird flex but ok.

photos from my live show — @adidasoriginals x @oliviaoblanc with @cicibme & @ganna_bogdan

my main bitch. @realspooki 👻

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