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• Nike Master Trainer • Fitness Consultant • Founder of PURE • Life is Dynamic...Train for it • Free workout, email me 👇🏼

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What’s up team! Hydration is 🔑!! Drinking water is the easiest way to improve your health. If you want to lose weight, sleep better, have more energy, ease cramps, clear up skin, feel less sore or just flat out feel good, DRINK WATER!!! . . I tell my clients to aim for half their weight in ounces of water each day. Eventually I would want you to get your weight in ounces but gradually do that!

Portland, Oregon

After this weekend I was all sorts of emotions. I was angry at myself bc yes I did take walk breaks on my legs..😱, first time ever in my 16yrs of running this race. . I beat myself up bc I felt slow, out of & fat...I know we aren’t suppose to feel this way. But my has changed drastically in the past 2yrs, I getting older, I’ve been through real life stress I’ve never felt before. So the first thing that went was my training. . Not sure if I was burnt out, if it was my foot surgery or simply the fact that I didn’t want to focus every ounce of my day on being a certain size or look, so I can get work. . Whatever it was I found myself quickly going down the black hole of beating myself up, it’s an awful place to be😔. . Luckily I surround myself with powerful, inspiring women who changed my thinking real quick! . I guess what I’m saying is, it’s easy to go to the dark place when life is hard, it’s natural to have bad feelings about yourself but don’t let them control you. Sit with them, process & then surround yourself with azing people who will lift you up & make you smile again✨. . Thank you Van 1 you all truly brought out all the goodness life has given me & reminded me of all of it🙌🏻 I love you all😘

Portland, Oregon

You are my forever side kick & my best companion. My life is always better with you in it. Love you more than you’ll ever know Charlie girl💕🐶. Happy

Portland, Oregon

are no joke💪🏻! They’re a badass way to work the whole body!!! Try these drills & let me know how they worked for you! . . 3 rounds of 30 seconds each 1. Singles 2. Single arm slam w S/B lunge 3. Rainbows 4. Side plank w S/A slam

Sri Lanka

As I reflect on the past 3 months I’m beyond grateful for the experience I had in . Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been depressed, unmotivated, & unsettled. I woke up most days not knowing what’s going to happen but could always count on a door closing in my face. . Having your life turned upside down & striped out from underneath you, puts lots into perspective. Coming back to the States was out of our control & a decision made without our say, but nonetheless one that came from a good place. . While I felt angry, stressed & emotional, I wouldn’t change anything. I’m a different person, I’ve grown even more, realized more about my resilience & ability to adapt to change. If there’s one thing we can count on I life, it’s that change will happen. It’s up to us on how we process & handle that change. . I love the person I became in Sri Lanka, love the experiences & the people that have impacted me in ways I’ll never be able to articulate. The abundance of love I have for the country & the people is beyond words.✨💕 . .0

Koggala, Sri Lanka

Soaking up the last moments of my paradise🌴✨ Plus I don’t have to pay $11 for freaking coconut water😤

This is a big gl of wine, haha don’t worry I won’t drink it all....or will I?!🤷🏻‍♀️ . Enjoy your weekends with your peeps & live your life, it’s too short not to! . I want to hear how you guys live your lives to the fullest.

In the mist of my crazy journey, where I have zero stability, I’m beyond stressed out & walls just keep popping up at every turn, I’ve got to find time for myself. . . Self care is extremely important for balance & giving energy back to you. Believe me it’s much easier to look at all the negative but there’s always more positive if you sit with yourself in silence & allow your intuition come forward. . . The light at the end of the tunnel is always within you, now I just need to allow myself to let stillness into my daily routine.

Angel's Rest

When I was living in Sri Lanka I kept telling myself once I’m back in I will do more of the things I’ve always loved. Hiking in the Gorge is top on that list. Being able to do this with new family I received in Sri Lanka made me the happiest🤗🙌🏻 . . Thank you @pereraeranga for capturing our moments!

Pearl District Downtown Portland

Today was a beautiful day spending time with people I’ve come to love so much!

Happy Friday friends! Here’s a good workout for ya! I like to start with this circuit followed by a finisher & core circuit. . . Do 3 rounds of each drill ▪️Deadlifts 3x8 heavy ▪️D-Ball cleans 3x6 heavy ▪️Single arm push 3x6each side ▪️KB Swings 3x10 heavy ▪️Plank banded pulls 3x12 each side Have fun💪🏻👊🏻

to the days when my heart was full, my laughs were loud & I had peeps around me who inspire & motivate me every day✨👊🏻 . . Even though I don’t see these guys as much as I did, I couldn’t be more proud of them & all their success. I have much love for all of you😘

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