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Cadillac Arena, Beijing

What an amazing year... THANKS!!! CAMPEONES DEL MUNDO!!!

I can’t caption this... 🤯🤯😅😅

This is what it looked like in my mind... thank you Toronto for making me feel like a rockstar for a day!🥳🤷🏻‍♂️🏆

Thank you... thank u very much...

Feliç dia del pare 😉

Lausanne Collegiate School

Back to where all started, my brothers took care of me since day one!

‪I’m not sad because it’s over, I’m happy because it happened ‬ ‪

‪Meanwhile at the house like...‬

You my brotha 😉

The founding fathers

‪Have u see them?!🤨 I think they took something from me...‬

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