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Modern day wise woman. New York Times best-selling author. Creator/owner of Yogalosophy Click link in bio to download my digital workout.

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The word asana means seat. Take your seat. That is the place you belong, where you settle in to your power and perspective. This has changed for me at different times; however, there is a part of me that has been with me all along. See if you can tap into the part of you that has been the same since you were 7 years old. The true you. The genuine you. That’s who I see when I see you. That’s who I see when I look in the mirror. And from that place I propose to you: let’s play. ❤️

You CAN have it all. My room with a view. The ocean and my virtual workout boyfriend/buddy.

Navasana or Boat Pose is one of the greatest abdominal exercises and is a real yoga pose! It requires strength and balance, as well as flexibility. Modification: bend your knees. Make sure that your lower back isn’t rounding. I always imagine pressing my lower back in and extending up and out through my chest. If your back rounds, bend your knees to access abdominal strength. I know I make this look easy. Act as if. I getting things done today. Things I dislike! Filling out forms and waiting on the phone...but I handling them with ease. I did not wake up chipper. I made choices. I going with the flow of the mundane next right actions and finding the gratification in that. Not every day is a rock star day. Not every day is a peak. Practice. Practice. Show up. Chop wood. Carry water. ❤️❤️❤️

The Apple does not fall far from the tree.

Malibu, California

Intention setting and the gazing point. One pointed focus requires a combination of fixing your sights on a spot in a relaxed way, so that you include the periphery and are not narrow. Life is so much the same. Yes, I make a plan and focus clearly on what I desire. I, then hold it in the back of my mind. It feels like it’s literally behind my physical head, and I allow the flood of force in. So I include everything. When I was managing , post car accident (May ‘18) my management technique was to both identify the specific ful sensations and include them, and to put my attention and awareness upon the places in my . that were not impacted and felt good. Exclude nothing as you remain focused on your intention. It is a practice. The focused you become, the more you will become aware of everything surrounding you. Both/and.

Soaking in the last days of the blooms before they Fall. Everything, EVERYTHING has a cycle. The most vibrant, beautiful and powerful will too, peak and soon after fall away. Nothing NOTHING stays the same for long and all will return again. In the same way, each moment is ephemeral and both important and insignificant. At the same time. How would you like to spend this moment. Either way, it is perfectly okay. ❤️

Malibu, California

Morning meditation. - Sit. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. - Let every passing thought drift by like a cloud. Notice the sensations in your . Do nothing. Hear the sounds surrounding you. Observe. Do nothing. Remember that you are here. Not there. Bring yourself back to the present moment. Do nothing. Remember you are meditating. Stop planning. Stop reviewing. Do nothing. - Maybe you get a moment of bliss. Maybe you get an epiphany. Or a feeling. It doesn’t matter. It means nothing. - Do this for 20 min daily and watch your observer muscle become stronger. - Watch the movie. All is okay.

Good night sun. Hello moon. Full moon on the Virgo/Pisces axis at 930pm. The balance between conscious and subconscious, and spirit. The balance of shadow and light. I embrace it all. Yang and yin. Yoga. To yoke, marry and unite. Yes/and. 💫 make a wish. Count to three. Come with me....

Malibu, California

A flexible spine is an indicator of health. Daily exercises to improve that function is essential. Not all fitness is measured by lean muscle mass. There is so much we take for granted every day, because it is unseen. Take time to honor the unseen parts of you. Work on something that nobody will notice. Inner work is just the same. Most important is your own self-talk. Treat yourself with respect daily. Talk to yourself like the precious being that you are at your core. Practice being a loving human. ❤️❤️❤️ What are some healthy phrases you say to yourself?please post them in the comments below.

It’s a beautiful day. Elders practicing chi gong. Santa Monica in full swing.

I honor it all. The dark and the light. I dedicate myself to the present moment and loving it to the fullest. Joy is my honoring. Let us not forget for one moment how precious this life is. An extraordinary gift. I hold space for the intense and the immense joy in myself and in my fellows. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Soho House West Hollywood

Bye bye Summer. Thank you for your service. 🌶🍑❤️

Malibu, California

Bridge pose, to energize you and open your heart (chest, lungs, shoulders). Who knows? Maybe you don’t even need that cup of coffee today. Your breath can oxygenate your and your heart will pump your throughout your . Even if you do drink coffee, bridge pose is also a mood elevator. Remember not to move your head and neck around while in this pose. Pro tip: push down through your feet in order to lift up. Another great key to lift your mood is to focus on what is good and makes you happy. List your gratitudes and watch your heart expand.

Los Angeles moon rise.

Malibu, California

Balance and strength may appear effortless, yet the very act of balance is a constant adjustment. Push down to lift up. Dynamic energy brings more power and with it, ease. Effortless effort. Engage rather than detaching and all will come with grace. Let go of perfection and ride in the presence of your breath. One pointed focus and a relaxed gaze. All is well. Don’t listen to your head. 🙏🏻

Good morning! Time for some self care. likes to see you posting this!!! . @withrepost@lindsayjfarrington Up before the babies today doing my favorite workout ☀️💕 My heart is happy when I take time first thing in the morning.

The Mayfair Hotel Library Bar

Our girl @officialnikka rocked @mayfairhotella lobby last night for FREE. I’ve been going to her shows for over 30 years and she does not disappoint. EVER. If you have never seen her MUST.

Having the you want begins with loving the you have- Mandy Ingber True story! This is how I did it. My has been all over the map, but when I stayed focused on the self love at ALL phases, that’s when the magic happened. This book is my New York Times best seller and it is a creativity book meets a fitness book. Recreation= re-create your . This is a daily companion that includes a daily yoga pose, breathing exercise, intention, playlist, cardio activity, journal prompt, extra credit activity and much more. Plus 3 optional diet plan suggestions with recipes designed by two celebrity chefs, with my “restriction requirements” Each day has a personal story or anecdote to illustrate —-this hooks takes you through a 28 day cycle. And is flexible. Take what you like and leave the rest. Let me be your guide to self love and self care in a fun and creative way.

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