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Work ready for the opening. Eco printed scarves, mokuhanga prints, etchings and wood engraving

Margot modelling her beautiful little India number at Newburgh .johnson

Dye day at Newburgh with Alison #

Steaming adventure. Rust blanket was a bonus!

Scottish bluebells. Lunchtime walk at my Mokahanga class with Ralph Kiggell

Back from visiting Jo with borrowed case after St.Abbs wool festival in Eyemouth.

Wood Engraving and inspiration for another print

Let me in!!

Spring dawning in my woods. Not sure what bulb this is but always catches my breath when it appears

Danette does this mean “no penguins?”

Interesting washing on the line!

New babies ready to hatch tomorrow!

Fresh from frosty Scotland. Bramble, rose and onion, with a wee bit of red cabbage!

Snow on ice. Closing in

Edges closing in and trapped leaves

Lucky find in Edzell, Scotland charity shop. 🥰labels, monogram and mending.

Stitched and printed on an ancient tablecloth. Winter in Scotland can give you colour!

Not usually allowed up but so cute!!

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