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My girl 🦋

21 👼🏼 @bellahadid


أنا أفتقدك و بيروت Summer in Beirut @emimikareh 🌷

Been off the grid... hope everyone's having a great summer 🦋🦋🦋

📸 by my wonderful friend IMC Rover @cawells464 during our recent time in . Go to the link in my Bio and follow @internationalmedicalcorps to find out how you can help



Snooks ♥️🕊


New York, New York

On the move again goodbye home that was short and sweet...✈️


Swipe left ⬅️ It's difficult to put into words what my time in South Sudan was like and how much it meant to me. It was truly one of the most eye opening, humbling and honest times of my life. I met real life heros everyday, made friends I will have forever and met incredible people I will never forget, all of whom taught me more about life and humility in one meeting than I could have learnt in a life time. From the unbelievable team @Internationalmedicalcorp who every day help to bring life saving medication and training to the people hit hardest in this war torn country, to the heroic doctors who work tirelessly everyday in these incredibly difficult conditions on sight in the POCs helping infants, mothers and every person in those camps to survive, day by day. What is happening in South Sudan is incredibly serious and sad for those who are stuck in between the bitter and seemingly endless fighting. As I have mentioned before Famine has now been officially declared and the people of South Sudan, Mothers, Fathers, daughters, sisters, just like ours are truly suffering. As I left Malakal one of our destinations on this trip, the rainy season was about to begin which brings horrible consequences for the people who are living in the POC there. The dry earth we walked on just days ago turns into mud so sticky and thick it will rip the soles of your shoes straight off. With this brings the difficulty of irrigation, hygiene, general safety and of course disease. Honestly I cannot imagine how it must be to try and bring a child up in these conditions, let alone give birth to a baby. But right now in the middle of these immense conditions are these inspiring doctors, helped with the aid of IMC, helping to bring life into the world and to aid it. Saving lives everyday. Please click the link in my bio to see how you can help! Thank you!

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