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I made a little film about moving to the woods (Thoreau style) which is screening @henrymillerlib Big Sur 13th September & @reevewines on the 10th - check out @oscillationtransiafilmfest for more info. I made the film a few years ago in collaboration with @nowness @serpentineuk @impossible about my friend Mark Boyle who is living without any modern technology (not even a pen!) ... I’ve always wanted to visit the henry miller library but haven’t managed to.. excited a little creation of ours is in the meantime 🙏 link in bio to the film in case you can’t make it to Big Sur 😍

I’ve been privileged to visit the Amazon twice. Praying for the life it contains and my friends who live within it. The threats forests face have existed for a long time: I hope we don’t forget the value of forests even after the fires go out & the news stops reminding us to pay attention 🙏🌍

Second wild snake visit this summer! On a busy English beach. It was swimming in the water, then came to shore and hid under an inflatable. After transporting it up the cliffs in a bucket, to open grassland, I found out it was an Adder. Venomous! 🐍 🐍 😍

If you’ve been lucky enough to find yourself on a beach this summer, you’ll no doubt have found plastic... yesterday I swam to the most remote beach and it was a rainbow of plastic lids. See plastic... Pick it up; photograph it and let’s keep instagram real. Proud of my friend @ecoshaker for organising Sardinian beach clean ups with @bastaconlaplastica ... and I’m happy to support @mcs_uk 🌊 🌍🏝💙

So much respect for @gretathunberg who speaks crystal clear truth to power. I got lucky to ask her a question - swipe for answers - link in bio to full article ✊ the youth climate movement has provided me a huge source of hope that we can turn this crisis around - indeed they were named as the “greatest threat” by the head of the largest oil cartel. Their next 20 and 27 September and they are inviting grown ups to join in too 😍 🌍


Old naked people

Last rock photo. Swimming in a pool of lava, after the major eruption of Stromboli. Taken to these magical islands by my dear Giada. Sister and master of sustainability, style and spirituality

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