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Leroy Milo Brown

Good boy, Leroy ft. @okayrooney📍PDX // Best friends with @everydaydude

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Portland, Oregon

Not today, okay MOM?

San Francisco, California

Just a couple of grumps hanging around being lumps.

✨ I’m a sucker for this old photo, so here’s a little sweetness for your afternoon scrolling.

THLEBF! Guess how long I spent saying this out loud and trying to sound it out.......

Portland, Oregon

But like, how many meals are stuck in this beard? 🍔 🍕 🍗 🍪 🍖 🥩

Small dog energy 🎉

Late summer evening glow up ✨

Hollywood District

Happy Labrador Day! 🇺🇸

💭 Dogs dream too, and these luxury homes from @kilzbrand & @thealisonvictoria in support of the @ASPCA are what dreams are made of! Leroy's clearly dreaming he could be lounging in this luxurious vacation home 😉 . . . Check out Leroy's stories for a chance to bid on one to take home today! Proceeds go to the ASPCA ☺️

Portland, Oregon

Appreciating this scruffy face every day 🐶💛 Happy !

Kamp Grizzly

Dogs > Everything

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