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Venice, California

A snapshot from last night in Venice. Haven’t had a proper night out in a while, last night was one was for the books.

I love that fresh flowers don’t last. just like everything else in life they bloom to give us their moment of beauty then let us go so that we might find a new one.

Never not going to love pink 😍 FYI : I’ll be in San Francisco hosting a little floral event with @visitrestore on Maiden Lane on 9/21 3:00pm-6:00pm. I’ll also be wearing cute @andotherstories outfits like this one. Stop by, say hello, and take home some flowers (special little something for anyone who stops by and has been a reader since my SF days).

Today I want to take a moment to shine the spotlight on a special brand that I am genuinely excited to partner with. a globally inspired brand with collections that are handcrafted by women in East Africa using beautiful high-quality natural materials. Akola empowers women by providing job-training, mentor programs, as well as financial literacy coaching to each woman employed through @akolajewelry. You can shop the collection online at @nordstrom and learn more at [ad]

Cento Pasta Bar

I used to be super anti pasta and Italian food in general. Like I never ever understood Italian food or why anyone would choose it over French cuisine or Indian food or pretty much any other type of food in existence. That all changed after my road trip through northern Italy. Not only have I taught myself how to make homemade pasta and pasta sauce, but I am now constantly searching for the best fresh pasta in LA. My current go-to is @centopastabar. It’s a pop up shop that runs out of a wine bar and is only open Wednesday-Saturday 11:00am-3:00pm. There is no set menu, just a burrata starter and 3 fresh pastas that change daily. It’s as close to authentic Italian food as I have found in LA. Totally worth wading through the garbage of DTLA just to eat this deliciousness. P.S. I still don’t like pizza. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Scroll through to see one of my recent meals there.

I don’t know how your day was today. Maybe it was wonderful or maybe it was full of heartbreak. But there is only one guarantee in life, nothing is permanent. Not love. Not pain. Not heartbreak. Not even life itself is permanent. And maybe that’s the beauty of it. This impermanence is both our gift and our burden.

Downtown Los Angeles

Haven’t been able to fit into this @reformation dress for over a year. But a week long panic attack does a body good. (Obviously I am being sarcastic here)

Los Angeles, California

Guess who got ACCEPTED into the Masters in Media Psychology Graduate Program? Meeeee! I start in January 👩‍🎓

Bryant Park

My very first NYFW - September 13th 2009. This was my very first street style photo captured by @altamiranyc Can you believe this entire look cost me less than $120? The bustier was from Forever 21, the jeans from Urban Outfitters and the scarf and shoes from H&M. I had to pull the shoes off the mannequin. They were two sizes too small, but worth it. Thank you @altamiranyc for sending this over today. Just the walk down memory lane I needed.

Downtown Los Angeles

This is only my second attempt at self photography. Lessons Learned so Far: 1. Get a remote that costs more than $8. 2. Learn to hide remote before. 3. Invest in a better tripod. Any other tips are greatly appreciated and if you are a photographer or work with one that you love let a girl know.

Santa Monica Proper Hotel

Just when I thought Instagram was a place of anxiety and self comparison, you came through. You reached out and offered up your phone numbers and homes. You looked through a screen and saw me. For that no words will ever be enough. I’ve tried in vain to talk about my mental health in “recovery terms”, but the truth is recovery doesn’t have a timeline. You can take a hundred steps forward but it takes only one step backwards to fall.

Downtown Los Angeles

Doing the casual armpit smell check 🙋🏼‍♀️ because I couldn’t possibly resist wearing what Sam calls my new pirate shirt in 90 degree weather. He even pulled up pictures from that one Seinfeld episode. The top is @frame from @milkboutique and I am obsessed with it.

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