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Just wrapped up an episode with @jenna_fail over at the @unarmedpodcast. • I said something on the podcast today that really meant something, and needs to be heard everywhere. • My struggle of loosing an arm is not worse than your struggle. I get a lot of “I was struggling today, but I thought of you with one arm.” • Struggling is struggling. Tragedy is tragedy. A loss is a loss. • You won’t ever hear me say that I struggled more than you just because I lost a limb. No, that’s not true. • Yes, I get things done. And no, I try my best not to make excuses, but.... • People struggle with infertility, family deaths, chronic illness, miscarriages, PTSD, stress, anxiety and depression, etc. • Is their struggle less than mine because they still have all their limbs? Absolutely not. • Your struggle is no less than someone else’s. • Just never forget, that through your struggles, you can always find the light if you choose to.

One Armed Series: How I Do My Hair • I’m a simple gal, but I do love my hair and I do love making it look nice. • It’s not the easiest thing to do, but with time and conquer all. • I show you 5 different ways I style my hair in this video! • Enjoy the entire episode on IGTV!

Epcot - Walt Disney World

There’s nothing that heals me more than a trip away with my family. • These don’t have to be big trips, I’m happy with our trips to Orlando. These trips help me unwind and de-stress. • My MRI results came back two weeks ago and it sent me down a dark hole. It wasn’t the worst news, but it wasn’t the best news either. • I let that news beat me down to the floor. I cried everyday, and what felt like every 10 minutes too. I let the stress of every day life, and now these results, get the best of me. • I had to pull myself out of that dark place and I couldn’t have done it without Daniel. Reminding me that I’ll never go through anything alone while he’s here. • This past weekend was great for my healing, spiritually and mentally. I have to remind myself that it’s okay to cry and be devastated, as long as I don’t let those feelings control me forever. • *Please don’t ask what the results were. I plan on going more in depth on the podcast.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Show me a better representation of a couple with a toddler. I’ll be waiting... • As you can see, Joaquin LOVED Galaxy’s Edge today 🤣 • This entire weekend was for Daniel. Joaquin and I just dressed the part. • I’m not a Star Wars fan, but this place was so neat. Highly recommend for everyone. • Tip: Stay at a Disney Resort and you’ll get to enter the park at 6am and have this experience pretty much to yourself until the park opens to everyone at 9am.

My entry way is complete 😍 • I loved this house and chose it over another because of its pretty entryway. • I’ve changed the look of the entry way a thousand times, but this year I’ve chosen to stop over buying and just stick to a minimalist look. • If I buy furniture or decor, it has to be something that I see staying there for a very long time. • I saw these over at @smallwoodhome and immediately purchased them after our family photoshoot with @faisonanne . • This house and life was built by two people, in love, and ready to take on the world together. Now, as a family of 3, we’re making new paths, but our memories are forever.

I started a new series on IGTV to share how I do my daily tasks! Hopefully these will help those of you with an arm amputation, who have limited use of one arm or those who are in casts, etc. • I have quite a few of these lined up. Feel free to leave any suggestions. I do this sh*t everyday and everything to me is normal. I tend to forget that I’m doing it with one arm and what I’m doing could probably help thousands. • Enjoy the full episode on IGTV and start knotting yo shirts!

We made it out just fine from Hurricane Dorian y’all! • We are ready to get out of this damn house, but we’re also extremely grateful that the hurricane did nothing to us. Our hearts and prayers are with those affected in the Bahamas and those in Dorian’s current path. • Our hurricane week consisted of a butt load of movies, an even bigger buttload of snacks, a whole lot of annoying each other and a whole lot of cleaning...because I was way too nervous to sit still. • Back to our normally scheduled routine, and very grateful that we’re even able to do that 🙏🏼

❌Doterra Essential Oils Giveaway Closed❌ • I’m becoming the woman who has oils in her purse to cure everyone who tells me they feel some type of way 🤣 • I’ve been using @doterra for about a month now, and I love them! • I’ve teamed up with them to give you guys their Yoga Collection 🧘🏻‍♀️ • Rules are simple: -Follow me @krystalcantu & @doterra -Like this picture -Tag 2 friends who would want in on this collection! • Good Luck. May the oils be ever in your favor. • Giveaway ends Tuesday (if Dorian doesn’t blow me away 😰)

I went in for an MRI on my neck yesterday. • I’ve done MRI’s before, but never for the neck. (always my back) • I had a call with the MRI center the day before to go over everything. They offered me a Valium due to my anxiety. I declined it and just said I’d tough it out. • The morning I walked into the MRI room, I took one look at that machine and my heart started racing. Yes, the sides were open...but that machine was still a tight squeeze. • I took a deep breath, laid on the table and hoped for the best. • Right when I thought I was good to go, the lady adds a cage type device over my face ☠️ • That sent me straight into a panic. I lasted about 5 minutes in that machine before pushing my emergency button. I left that MRI really defeated. I was told to go back with a Valium or someone to be in the room with me. • I asked Daniel to come with me, practiced laying in bed really still for 7 min straight (I did that 3 times) and woke up this morning feeling a little more prepared. • I told myself that no matter what, I was getting this MRI done today. • I held Daniels hand the entire time and that helped me so much. It brought me back to earth when my mind was trying to take me elsewhere. • I was so proud of myself today for conquering that fear, but most importantly, I’m grateful for my man. • Always there for me. To comfort me, hold me, calm me, hype me up, level me and love me. • It’s you and me. It’s always been you and me ❤️

There is nothing stronger than a woman who has rebuilt herself. -Hannah Gadsby • I’ve had to rebuild myself multiple times. • After loosing an arm. • After loosing my identity as an athlete. • After focusing too much on social media. • After having my son. • It’s okay to break yourself down and rebuild multiple times within your life. • As humans, were constantly changing, learning and evolving. • If you don’t like where you’re headed as a human being....rebuild. That’s a luxury we all have for ourselves. • Don’t be stubborn. There’s always room for change and improvements. • 📸 : @faisonanne

I was so lost before you came along. • You opened my mind to a healthier way of thinking. • You made me understand the true meaning of life. • You also drive me out of my damn mind, but whatever...I still love you, kid. • 📸: @faisonanne

I used to think high numbers on my Olympic lifts was important. I thought it validated me as an athlete. • I thought followers and likes were important, because it made you somebody. • You know what’s important? None of that shit, I can guarantee you that. • Your mental health is important. Your physical health is important, and the ones who love you the most are important. • Don’t let your ego or an app get in the way of the best things in life. • I became the richest woman in the world when I let my ego go, let the meaningless things in life go and focused on me and my family. Don’t ever forget that the most important things in life don’t live in your phone. • I thank God for these two everyday. I’m even more thankful for us as a team. • This team isn’t perfect, but we sure as hell are the DREAM TEAM in my eyes. • 📸: @faisonanne

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