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KITTEN LADY👸🏼🍼🐱 Kitten rescuer, humane educator + bestselling author changing the world for tiny felines. Founder @orphankittenclub KittenLady BOOKS⬇️

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The kind of photos I try to get 🆚 the kind of photos I usually get! Happy to share that Purple Crown Fairy and Shining Sunbeam are feeling a lot better today and have returned to their nursery room after 2 days of TLC in my bedroom. I’m so happy to see them playful and perking up! 💕

Eloise + Coco are enjoying some cat grass I’ve been growing for them! Have you ever grown cat grass for your feline friends?🌱 Friendly Coco is more than happy to share, but sassy Eloise clearly thinks she is entitled to eat all of the grass herself...maybe all that @cheeslemanswarehouse CEO power is going to her head?!

SO EXCITED! My children’s book is here in my hands—and I’m ready to give you guys a first look inside! I just shared a suuuper cute 5 minute video of Kitten Lady’s Big Book of Little Kittens, and you can watch it at 🐱 Watch the video and then tell me what your favorite part was in the comments below! Which page did you like most? 🥰

I have good news and I have bad news. Good news: Firecrown is 100% recovered from the illness that began on Monday. Yay! Bad news: the other kittens are now experiencing the same symptoms, unofficially confirming my suspicion that this is a strain of calicivirus (still awaiting confirmatory PCR results from bloodwork sent in Monday.) I feel confident that this is a 48-72 hour virus and that the babies will all be perfectly OK, but as a cautionary measure we are delaying adoptions until we can see who will become ill and until all have recovered. Sunbeam became symptomatic 48 hours ago and has been in supportive care at my bedside; she is fortunately already starting to improve. Purple Crown Fairy became symptomatic 24 hours ago and is still in the throes of it, in supportive care at my bedside. Lil Woody is showing early symptoms this morning; I’m monitoring her closely and will start supportive care as necessary. So far Mountaingem and Gooseberry are totally fine, but obviously all are being monitored closely right now for weight, temperature, appetite and energy. The others (Apple, Juice and Cider) aren’t exposed, and we expect to be fine. Calicivirus is an acute virus with variable symptoms. These babies aren’t showing many of the classic calici symptoms (nasal and eye discharge, oral ulcers) but they are showing one very common symptom of calici, which is sudden limping/soreness of limbs, accompanied by high fever, shivering, and inappetence. The most important thing is monitoring and symptom management—fluids, supported feeding, bedrest. I’m thrilled that it isn’t something more serious, but just so sorry that these little ones have to experience this. Folks, this is why vaccination is so important! Calici is the C in FVRCP—be sure your cats are vaccinated and that your kittens are receiving their boosters until 16 weeks to ensure that they are protected. Hang in there, babies. ♥️

Do you know what to do if a kitten is biting you? A lot of people don’t. This morning I saw an online discussion filled with really bad advice, like “scruff the kitten and hiss at her” and even “bite the kitten back to assert dominance.” Yikes, that’s awful! Punishment is not a recommended tactic, as it’s both an ineffective and unkind way to work through issues with your cat or kitten. I have a video called “How to Stop Kittens From Biting You (6 Tips!)” on my channel, and I highly recommend watching it for some good, non-punitive, effective tips. Learn WHY kittens bite, how to disengage and direct the kitten towards an appropriate target, and how to help your cat or kitten meet their biological needs without turning you into a chew toy! You can see it at 😺

Just filmed the cuuuuutest sneak peek of my upcoming children’s book, Kitten Lady’s Big Book of Little Kittens! Do you have any idea how hard it is to film a video when there are kittens laying all over your stuff and pouncing on you throughout the process? 🤣 The video will be posted on my channel this weekend, so if you’re a subscriber, you’ll see it first thing Caturday morning! Don’t forget to preorder my children’s book at 💕

After 2 nights of post-surgical recovery in our bedroom, Gooseberry is finally feeling well enough to go back into the nursery. She’s so happy to be back with her pals! 🥰

This morning my grandma found an old photo of me with my first cat friends, Pumpkin and Pepper, in the NYC apartment where I grew up. Such a precious memory, but also hurts my heart a little bit. I don’t talk much about my childhood publicly, because I value both privacy and focus. But when I think about what led me to become so dedicated to animal rescue, the truth is that childhood instability played a big role. I spent a lot of my adolescence struggling with trauma and abandonment issues; I didn’t always feel the stability and warmth that I longed for. As an adult, I’ve found it immensely healing to be able to provide a safe space to those who are smaller than me—to be a source of unconditional love, patience, presence, and gentle kindness. To build the loving home I always wanted. Pumpkin and Pepper were only in my life a short time, as they were sadly surrendered to a shelter when I was a kid. I wish I could go back in time to demand better for them, and to wrap my arms around all three of the wide-eyed little lives in this photo and tell them “I’ve got you, you’re safe.” But the past is in the past, and the best we can do is to live in the present—to create the world now that we wish we’d had then. Has animal rescue been healing for you, too? ♥️

Apple is 6 weeks old and still demanding a bottle! I’m a big believer in kitten-led weaning, so this girl gets what she wants. 🍼🐱 You can learn all about how and when I recommend weaning kittens in my “When to Wean” instructional video at

What a joy it was to chat with @jvn about kitten advocacy on the @curiouswithjvn podcast! The episode is now posted (title: “How Many Cats Am I Allowed to Foster Before It’s Illegal?” 🤣) and I hope you’ll listen to our fun, silly, heartfelt conversation. Tell me in the comments below if you listen to it! Jonathan is the real deal—a deeply loving cat guardian and one of the most sincere people in the world. I’m grateful for all the good work @jvn is doing, and for the opportunity to talk about my new book, Tiny But Mighty. My favorite @jvn line in the episode? “First of all, read the f***ing book.” 💕

Sweet Gooseberry. So gentle, and so strong! Her dental surgery yesterday was pretty intense, and her mouth will be quite uncomfortable for the next few days, but I am so happy she made it through and was able to get the medical care she needed. To be honest, she is pretty zonked...but she’s on good pain meds (buprenorphine), and rested by my side all night and all morning, deeply grateful for cuddles and comfort. I love her so, so much. A petite overbite queen with a heart of pure gold. I can totally understand why the shelter staff was so grateful for us to take her in—she’s truly someone special, and she deserved a chance at a healthy life. Thank you to all who contributed via @orphankittenclub so that she can thrive. ♥️

Firecrown is home from the hospital! 💕 She’s still quite shaky, but has much better energy today. We are awaiting more test results, but the consensus is that she likely has a self-limiting virus that will subside with supportive care and time. Phew. Supportive care for Firecrown means monitoring weight, temperature, and symptoms, and keeping her stable and comfortable throughout recovery. She is receiving antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory drug, fluids as needed, and spoon-feeding with a highly palatable food (chicken baby food, which she is absolutely loving!) She also has access to a bed lined with cool packs. I’m so relieved to see her perking up and eating. Yesterday was a doozy between Firecrown’s hospitalization, Gooseberry’s dental surgery, and all of the hummingbirds’ spays and neuters. These babies are so strong, so resilient—and so worthy. @harveyandminnie ❤️

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