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KITTEN LADY👸🏼🍼🐱 Kitten rescuer, humane educator + bestselling author changing the world for tiny felines. Founder @orphankittenclub KittenLady BOOKS⬇️

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My heart is full full full, because today I taught an all-day workshop series in Tennessee with a truly wonderful rescue group: @neokittyrescue! The work that they are doing in partnership with the local municipal shelter, Washington County Johnson City Animal Shelter, is nothing short of groundbreaking. Together, they’re flipping the script and turning what used to be an area with a high euthanasia rate into an area where TNR and kitten care are saving huge volumes of lives! If you’re in the Johnson City area, please contact them at @neokittyrescue and find out how you can help. Thank you to everyone who came out and made today one of the most fun events I’ve done this year! It feels great to be back in the Appalachian south, one of my very favorite regions on earth, witnessing such incredible progress for animals thanks to a hard-working community. I left feeling so hopeful for the future and so grateful for everyone who is helping make that future bright. I hope we recruited more support today! Pictured here are my youngest audience members—two foster kittens! Hey, if you bring kittens to my workshop, I’m GOING to notice and squee and probably take a lot of photos. That’s just how it is. The little white one was just rescued today and doesn’t have a name yet, though I suggested Ebenezer Meezer, so we’ll see if that sticks. 🤣 The little Tabby, Sky, is adoptable and currently looking for a home through the Animal Shelter of Sullivan County. Contact them if you’d like to adopt! Also pictured are a bunch of photos I grabbed on social media from people who attended, which I’ll tag now. ♥️

Apple met the boys this week, and her giddiness was palpable! 🥰🥰🥰

Big announcement: I’m doing a mini book tour to celebrate the release of my children’s book, Kitten Lady’s Big Book of Little Kittens! 😻 Kids of all ages (0-100+) are invited to join me at my Southern California book events, where I’ll read from the book, chat about kittens, and even sign books for guests. All are welcome: families, young children, adults! Register now at 🐱 Tell me below which event you’ll be able to attend! ♥️

A little Juice to start your morning!🥤

I’ve become really close with Cider this week. He is just such a warm, gentle guy. Last night he slept on my pillow, laying against my face. Witnessing him go from scared and hissy to cuddly and trusting is a real gift. As we slept side by side, I had these horrible anxiety dreams about finding dozens of sick and dying kittens outside. All night. This happens to me a lot; my brain is sort of always a little too aware of suffering. A little too sensitive. Or maybe just the right amount. I don’t know. Flash forward a few hours, and I’m talking with the @orphankittenclub team about investigating Cider’s colony. As you may know, we have a unique volunteer-run program called which I’m genuinely proud of. Through this program, we make a promise to every single kitten we save that we WILL return to the place where they were found and sterilize the cats we find there. We know that the kittens who are safe in our care are the lucky ones—but that they were not the first infants to suffer on the street where they were born, nor will they be the last if we don’t do something. Today, one of our volunteers went out and investigated where Cider is from, and reported back to us. This is step one of a multi-step process that involves much research, hands-on trapping, community education and support, which we hope creates a full-circle, permanent impact. It genuinely hurts my heart to see the places our kittens are from, or to hear about what our volunteers see. It’s too often like my nightmare. Holding a kitten tight just isn’t enough to get me through the nightmare—I know we must do more. That’s why I’m so hopeful that with the amazing team we’ve assembled and the program we’ve built, things truly will begin to improve...and that we’ll all be able to sleep a little more sound someday.

Do you have a goodbye ritual with your foster kittens? On the last night with my babies, I usually set aside an hour to simply lay on the floor—at their level—and cuddle/hang out/get groomed. Here are a few lil moments from my last night with @misoandmochii @gem_and_juniper! What’s your last night of foster care tradition?

Do you know the word for a group of hummingbirds? They’re called a “charm!” A perfect name for this group of babies, who I named after types of hummingbirds, as they are truly charming. Today is their big day: the little hummingbirds are all flying free this afternoon! I’ve raised these baby birds since they were palm-sized hatchlings, and now they’re ready to leave the nest. So immensely proud of them. They’ve got some name changes (whaaaat? I totally expected those fancy names to stick! 🤪 ) and accounts for their new families, which I’ll share here! Firecrown is now named Minerva aka Minnie, and she is already loving life in her new home: @harveyandminnie. Shining Sunbeam is now Miso, and Purple Crown Fairy is Mochii! Their adopter made them an account today, which you can follow at @misoandmochii. Little Woodstar is now Juniper, and Mountaingem is...wait for it...still MOUNTAINGEM! (Woo hoo! One of my fancy hummingbird names stuck!) You can follow them at @gem_and_juniper. Fly free, sweet birds! I’ve loved to hold you in my palm, but I love even more to see you soar. ✨

PHEW! 🤪✍️ First person who can guess how long it took me to sign 1000 copies of my children’s book gets a free signed copy! Comment below and tell me your guess! Many thanks to my dear friend @keanureevesyoungerbrother for lending a hand today, and to my amazing publisher @simonkids. You can order Kitten Lady’s Big Book of Little Kittens at 🥰

Did you ever see such a beautiful little lady?! Our overbite queen, Gooseberry, has truly been a joy to foster. Now that she has recovered from her dental surgery, she’s all set for her big adoption day tomorrow!!! You’ll be able to follow her at ♥️

And now...for the MAINE event! 😻 On September 25 I’ll be teaching my first workshop series in Maine with @humanesocietywaterville. Come learn everything you need to know about saving the lives of the most vulnerable felines! I’ll also be doing a meet and greet with an opportunity to ask questions, get a book signed, and snap a photo together. Will I see you there?! Register now at ♥️

Just look at you, Little Woodstar! You grew up to be so beautiful and so strong. Soon, you get your forever home...and your forever name: Juniper! 😻 @gem_and_juniper

THE TWINS! 👯 Shining Sunbeam (left) and Purple Crown Fairy (right) have grown into such beautiful little cats. Every time I post a photo of them, the main comment I see is “what breed are they?” so I thought I’d address that here! Their breed, like nearly every kitten I rescue, is called domestic shorthair. Domestic shorthair cats make up the vast majority of orphaned kittens and cats in shelters, and they can have a variety of color patterns including black, orange, white, grey, calico, tortie, tabby, tuxedo, and various color points like flame point, seal point, etc. If you’ve adopted, you probably have a domestic shorthair cat at home! The twins’ color pattern is called “lynx point” and they will look similar to our friend @nala_cat when they grow up. All of that said: who cares about breed? I don’t, and I wish others didn’t, either. I think it’s a shame to value cats by their coloration, and it makes me feel really icky when I talk to people who overvalue exterior qualities. Save who needs to be saved, love who needs to be loved, and don’t sweat lineage or aesthetics! Love comes from the heart, not the eyes. Shining Sunbeam and Purple Crown Fairy might look “fancy,” but they were born underneath a wheelbarrow and were motherless and half-dead as infants. Sunbeam was filled with maggots and Purple Crown Fairy was crawling with fleas. They weren’t fancy then, and if they are now, it isn’t because of their coat pattern—it’s because of the transformative power of love. ♥️

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