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Summa Film....celebrated life, went to the beach...went to fat camp.. lived life....

Summa Film Pt 2......went to Open, became a meme, went to La, broke bread with fam, got a tattoo....

Summa Film...... had some meetings, listening to some music, supported some friends.....had fun

Paris, France

X! For my peeps ✊🏾!

Paris, France

When @ochosystem told me “Maybe it’s not Paris, maybe it’s you, Kev” 😑🤨

Le Chalet

Have you heard of Le Chalet Collective......


Broke my Once a month Insta Rule....did a podcast for @highsnobiety this week with the in bio.....

Queues: J.Lo and LL Cool J from the 00’s.......📸 @ronyalwin

Details matter!

Grand Cayman

Campaign Champagne 📸 @_arielfox

Cabo San Lucas - Cabo

Life’s easier on the ocean....

AccorHotels Arena

Say: Fanta and Five Guys!

Place de Tokyo

Post 7th grade hand job 🙃 ... @cullysmoller @ashleahelena

Tuwaiq Palace

Who said what 😳?

Asira, Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Just me and a couple of my indigenous homies....

Fumo Pizza-Bar-Pasta

..........Young, black and expensive.....

Rose Bar at Gramercy Park Hotel

Happy 🎃...not so scary is, me dressed as @virgilabloh ....

Marciano Art Foundation

Last night, i ventured into my first philanthropic event which we’ve been working on for months, i begged, burdened and bothered a lot of people about it for weeks...and last night felt amazing to see the teams get this to come to life! I hope we were able to help @plannedparenthood LA and the beautiful ladies at @sexybeastla raise money & hit their goal....and if they haven’t it’s not too late to send a check over 🙃. Also, shoutout to @jenatkinhair and @kncbeauty for coming out, it’s good when people support your fun fashion shows but means even more when they show up for you for the cause! And for those who didn’t, don’t be confused when look ain’t available for that next fitting....jk

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