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Designer. Into: lo-fi stuff, handheld revelations / likes simple things that don't behave as expected This Book is a ________ [planetarium] [camera]

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New client work: I drew and animated just a few scooter riders for @lime to celebrate 100 million car-free trips from point A to point B. Brand new typeface, Escalator, by @xyz_type ! . . Will post some more numtoty public transit-oriented animations after I sleep a bit (this is only the main celebratory press release one that they issued today, but we made a bunch.) 🎉. I'm obsessed with the topic of transportation in cities, so pretty excited about this.

Does anyone in my network of people need a last-minute sublet in NYC? My place is suddenly available Aug 8-19 (and then again Sept 3-10.) ⁣ ⁣ I'm 2 blocks from the Bedford L stop and 2 blocks from the ferry in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It's a live/work loft apartment in a space that used to be a knitting factory. Because it was converted in the 90s, there's no fancy appliances (besides a not-fancy refrigerator and an A/C 🙏), but there's a ton of light. And books. Mostly art and design books. And some furniture I've made including an absurdly long desk that's great for work and photo shoots. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Would be at a discount because 1.) I've never done this before 2.) you'd have the responsibility of feeding the two shy, low-maintenance cats who live there. (whitespace and grey area)⁣. ⁣ DM me with your dates if you're interested!

Several of you have requested prints of these animation frames. I relent!⁣ ⁣ Now available: . - Size: 12.5"x19" . - Signed, numbered edition of 75⁣ - Fluorescent orange and blue RISO on Mr French paper (family-owned, wind-powered)⁣ - Printed by me, at the Arm in brooklyn⁣ ⁣ PayPal 25$ to and I will ship on Saturday (and then breaking for vacation)

The Arm Letterpress

Color courtesy of time-offset RISO layers Blobs courtesy of openFrameworks


I just spent a month at the Exploratorium as a Fellow. It was completely overwhelming (and utterly wonderful !) I wrote about my experiments, the people I met, and thoughts-thought… link 👆

Zooming through the bottom of a shoe! We studied the abstract patterns of shoes and turned them into short, looping animations. Collaboration with the awesome animator, @kneeon_nyc, for Asics shoes. Frames printed at @the__arm

I wrote a love letter to the muira-ori fold, about how you can find it in your trashcan but also how it was scaled-up and sent into outer space by the Japan Space Flyer program. -- And about the artificial division constructed between tech and craft. For one of my writing heroes, Rob Walker. Link in profile.

The Arm Letterpress

"Hubble Photographs: After Sappho." Riso animation of a poem by Adrienne Rich, read by Amanda Palmer. For @brainpicker 's The Universe in Verse. The poem describes the ecstasy of seeing far beyond sight—into distant galaxies—afforded by optics/imaging technology and astrophysics..- - - I overprinted diagrams from NASA's "Digital Processing of Remotely Sensed Images"* into some of the frames. - - - Link to the WHOLE 1.5 minutes: - -* I learned about this document via @lifewinning 's feed. It's really interesting, though from 1980-- I want to see the updated version with the black hole imaging techniques!

"Road trip" for @dropmark. I figured out this technique to make paper animation wiggles and it just turned into a whole video. Watch the whole 45 big seconds here: - Thx @danielsdunnam For dialing-in my maladroit sound edits and @alina_keay for the extra hand

Wavy water reflection — - -to see how much subtlety this riso animation method can capture - - I animated this poster for a talk I'm giving for @gdcabnorth. (in Edmonton tomorrow! :) )

I created a database of paper mechanisms for my @sfpc_nyc students.* All of the cut/fold lines are vector, so they can easily be output to a plotter. - Please use them and send me your designs and improvements to add to this scattered body of knowledge! Link in profile - - * started this site before our class but just got it up to a critical mass because I'm soooooovery slow at coding!

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